Agro-waste valorization for sustainable economy of sugar mills in India

Patil, U. P.; Patil, S. U.


Indian sugar mills produce a large volume of agro-waste sugar cane bagasse (SCB), which, due to its improper use, causes environmental issues. Contrastingly, the valorization of SCB by integrating advanced technologies for biochemical production can alleviate waste disposal problems, enhance resource utilization, and promote a circular economy. The present review explores recent advances in SCB-derived valuable biochemicals such as bioethanol, biogas, xylitol, carboxylic acids, 2,3-butanediol, and furfural using advanced pretreatment techniques and engineered strains. Furthermore, it discusses the challenges and opportunities in bio-chemical production, the economic and environmental assessment, and the implications of the Government of India’s (GOI) valuable schemes for agro-waste valorization.


Economic sustainability; Sugarcane bagasse; Sugarcane industries; Value-added products

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