An eco-friendly non-conventional adsorbent from silk cotton fiber for the removal of methylene blue dye

S, Tamilselvi ; M, Asaithambi ; Ponnusamy, Sivakumar


Highly porous activated carbon fiber with excellent surface area has been prepared using silk cotton fiber as a precursor. The Activated Silk Cotton Fiber (ASC) has well developed porosity with rose flower like structure. The BET surface area of the prepared adsorbent is 1041.08 m2/g with a total pore volume of 0.4944 cm3/g. The adsorption capability of the prepared adsorbent ASC has been analyzed using methylene blue (MB) dye. The effect of pH indicates that ASC has its maximum adsorption at a pH of 10. On analyzing the kinetics of MB adsorption, the pseudo-second order kinetic model describes the adsorption with good r2 value of 0.9895 < r2 < 0.9997. The maximum Langmuir monolayer adsorption capacity is found to be 80.65 mg/g at 45°C. The experimental results and the thermodynamic studies prove the physisorption nature of MB adsorption onto ASC.


Adsorbent; Silk cotton; Microwave; Kinetics; Isotherm studies

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