Antibacterial drug;Carboxy methyl cellulose;Chitosan;Colloidal particles;Drug delivery

Devi, Geetha ; Al Shukaili, Sara ; Al Shukaili, Sara ; Fairuz, Riham ; Fairuz, Riham ; Al Hasheni, Rahma ; Al Hasheni, Rahma


Nanotechnology has provided numerous cutting-edge applications in drug delivery, biosensors, nanorobots, biomedical devices and nanocarriers. Polyelectrolyte mediated nanocapsules contributes a significant development as drug carriers for more than a decade. Majority of the nanocapsules employed in the drug delivery system are fabricated using synthetic materials leading to many health complications. In this research, natural polyelectrolyte capsules are prepared using carboxy methyl cellulose (CMC) and chitosan by dip coating technique. The capsules are used for the delivery of antibacterial drug by encapsulating ciprofloxacin hydrochloride into the capsule interiors. The drug release study has been carried out by altering the permeability of the capsule shell. The optimal pH for the drug encapsulation has been established at 2.3 pH and 381 μg of drug is loaded in 60 min. The drug release study is performed at three different pH conditions of 2.0 pH, 6.0 pH, and 7.2 pH respectively and the release media chosen is water and PBS. Maximum amount of drug release (367 μg) is achieved at pH 2.0 within 48 hours. The study demonstrates an easy and effective delivery of antibacterial drug from natural polyelectrolyte capsules.


Antibacterial drug; Carboxy methyl cellulose; Chitosan; Colloidal particles; Drug delivery

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