Development of new promising varieties of faba bean through traditional pedigree method for commercial cultivation in plain zone of India

Arya, Rajesh Kumar; Hooda, J.S. ; Kaushik, Surinder Kumar; Kumar, Sandeep ; Raigar, H.L. Raigar ; Gill, R.K. ; Mehto, J.L. Mehto ; Tiwari, J.K. ; Yadav, C.B. Yadav ; Kumar, Ravi ; Dahiya, G.S. ; Sutaliya, J M; Raj, K ; Punia, R ; Kumar, P


A long term experiment was carried out in MAP Section, Department of Genetics & Plant Breeding,  CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar from 2005-06 to 2018-19 on identification of elite genotypes from germplasm and their utilization in the development of high yielding variety through hybridization followed by traditional pedigree method to obtain desirable transgressive segregants in Faba bean. In the present investigation a number of germplasm lines were screened for seed yield and other related traits including national check Vikrant during 2005-06 under AICRN in augmented block design. As a result, ten elite genotypes identified i.e. EC117755, EC117799, EC248710, EC329675, HB123, HB180, HB430, HB204, HB 430, HB 502, HB 503 & one check variety, Vikrant. By using these elite genotypes, a number of F1 hybrids were made during 2005-06 and F2 to F6 generations were evaluated to identify the superior progenies during 2007-08 to 2011-12. After a long process of evaluation, rejection and selection, 20 superior transgressive segregant homozygous progenies were identified to make new entries. Later on, during 2012-2013, the superior entries (viz. HB12-1, HB12-5, HB12-8, HB12-9, HB12-11, HB12-12, HB12-13, HB12-14, HB12-15, HB12-26, HB12-28, HB12-29, HB12-30, HB12-31, HB12-34, HB12-36, HB12-37,HB12-38, HB12-39 and HB12-42) were evaluated at Hisar centre against Vikrant and found promising. Therefore, all these 20 genotypes were evaluated in SST during 2013-14, LST during 2014-15 and FYT during 2015-16. On the basis of above results, only five genotypes viz. HB12-8 (47.77q/ha), HB12-42 (47.70q/ha), HB12-15 (46.70q/ha), HB12-34 (46.14q/ha) and HB12-37 (45. 31q/ha) were found promising. These were further evaluated in multi-location trials at seven locations (i.e. Ambikpur, Delhi, Faizabad, Faridkot, Hisar, Ludhiana & Ranchi) for seed yield, quality and resistance against insect pest & disease in IVT and AVT during 2016-17 & 2017-18, respectively. Out of these, HB12-34 exhibited yield superiority over national checks,Vikrant and HFB-1 and free from insect pest and disease as well as low in vicine-covicine and high in protein content. Therefore, HB12-34 may be recommended for commercial cultivation in plain zone at national level.


Elite genotypes, Faba bean, Hybridization, Pedigree method, Seed yield

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