In vitro starch digestibility and in vivo glucose response of minor tuber-based vermicelli & upma

Patiballa, Mounika ; Pushpa, Bharati ; Kulkarni, Uma N


After grains and legumes, minor tubers are the third most significant food crop, and they have vital nutritional and nutraceutical qualities that offer additional health benefits in addition to fullness. A study was conducted to develop minor tuber-based vermicelli and to evaluate its upma. Five different minor tubers were selected and processed to flour and used for development of vermicelli with replacement of refined wheat flour and further to upma. Results indicated that100% replacement had higher acceptability index (92.24%) compared to control. Lesser Yam vermicelli upma had higher acceptability scores for all sensory parameters. Energy, protein, fiber, calcium, iron and vitamin A contents of vermicelli upma were lower than tuber vermicelli. Further, when compared to wheat vermicelli upma, Lesser Yam vermicelli upma had low glycemic index (52.34). Hence, the refined wheat flour can be replaced with tuber flour in vermicelli.


In vivo glucose response, In vitro starch digestibility, Minor tuber flour, Nutritive value, Sensory properties, Vermicelli

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