Traffic Clearance for Ambulance during Pandemic Situation and Road Accidents using LoRaWAN Network

Sundararajan, Mohandass ; Rajkumar, Roshan ; Ramya, S


Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) plays an important role in handling pandemic situation and disaster management. Due to rapid urbanization, there is a requirement for implementing an effective traffic control system not only to avoid heavy congestion but also to make a better solution for ambulance clearance which would help to save the human life. The proposed work intends to implement an effective traffic control system using Long-Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) that provides seamless traffic clearance for ambulances, so that they reach the hospitals without any delay. Cupcarbon, a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) simulator, is used to evaluate the performance of the proposed work. The simulation involves a case study considering an accident zone in Coimbatore city and the performance of the proposed system is compared with that of existing systems. The simulation results prove that LoRaWAN can be used to effectively control the traffic lights with a wider coverage range, as compared to existing systems.


Cupcarbon, ITS, LoRaWAN, Traffic management, WSN

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