Investigation of the Trail Environment to Enhance the Efficiency of the Solar Cell through Pre-Installation Study

PriyaDarshani, Manu ; Shaw, Ritu ; Sharma, Rishi


This research investigates the performance of solar photovoltaic modules in real-world climatic conditions at various locations in India using MATLAB simulation. The study utilizes a single-diode model and a detailed simulation of a solar PV module to analyze the P-V and I-V characteristics of the module on a monthly basis. The month-wise power output is evaluated in relation to temperature and solar irradiance under various weather conditions. To model the PV module, the input parameters such as solar irradiance and temperature were first determined, and an appropriate PV panel model was selected based on the complexity and accuracy required. The PV panel model was then set up in MATLAB and run to generate the output data. The simulated results were compared to the verified data sheet of the JAM60S10-350/MR module, demonstrating that the simulation accurately represents the PV solar module's performance curve. The study aims to identify the most efficient locations for installing solar PV modules for optimal efficiency. Different models such as single-diode, two-diode, and PV system model can be used to model PV panels depending on the specific conditions being simulated and the level of accuracy required.


Irradiance, MATLAB modeling, Renewable energy, Solar photovoltaic, Solar simulation

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