Effect of TBHQ on the Combustion Characteristics of Pomelo oil Biodiesel in a Compression Ignition Engine

Saikia, Madhurjya ; Bora, Dilip Kumar; Kalita, Kalyan


Biodiesel is a biomass-based fuel. Biodiesel faces the difficult issue of storage stability. The storage stability of a biodiesel can be enhanced by adding an antioxidant to the fuel, which represses oxidation reactions that take place upon exposure to sunlight, heat, moisture, humidity, and metal. In the present study, biodiesel is synthesized from pomelo oil (Citrus maxima) and treated with a synthetic antioxidant called TBHQ (Tertiary butyl hydroquinone). The engine and emission performance of the biodiesel with TBHQ in various concentrations have been determined in a single cylinder four stroke diesel engine. It is observed that brake specific fuel consumption increases with the increasing concentration of TBHQ. Brake power stays unaltered for the biodiesel with or without TBHQ. Considerable reduction in carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide has been observed for biodiesel irrespective of antioxidant treatment.


Antioxidant; Biodiesel; BP; BSFC; BTE; CO; CO2; TBHQ


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