Vol 79, No 1 (2020)

Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research

Table of Contents

Management of Industry & Policy Implementation

Factors Affecting Open Innovation Performance of Korean Content Company: Focus on Alliance Strategy and Intellectual Property Management Capacity

Kim, Eungdo ; Lee, Sangcheol ; Bae, Kheesu 11-15

Evaluation Method and Empirical Study of Regional Collaborative Sustainable Development under Environmental Regulation

Feng, Mei ; Li, Xinyi ; Fu, Wenbiao 16-20

Occupational Risk Prevention in the Management of Companies in the Electricity Sector: The case of Galicia (Spain)

Vila, N Araújo; Cardoso, L ; Toubes, Diego R 30-34
The Correlation between Climate Change and Corporate Performance PDF
Hyoung-Tae, An ; Ji-Young, Kim ; Jongmin, Kwak ; Su, Bae Khee 38-43

Prioritizing and Achieving Quality Services in Gas Stations using Analytical Hierarchy Process and Quality Function Deployment

Hameed, Abdul Zubar 53-55

Computer Science & Information Technology

Estimating DSGE Models using Multilevel Sequential Monte Carlo in Approximate Bayesian Computation

Alaminos, David ; Ramírez, Ana ; Fernández-Gámez, Manuel A; Becerra-Vicario, Rafael 21-25

Establishing Parameters for Comparative Analysis of V2V Communication in VANET

Tomar, Ravi ; Sastry, Hanumat G; Prateek, Manish 26-29

Customized Smart Andon System to Improve the Efficiency of Industrial Departments

Lopez-Leyva, J A; Molina-Inzunza, A ; Navarro-Paz, P ; Verduzco-Unzón, S ; Yáñez, M JPerez- Carlos 35-37

Mechanical Engineering

A RSM based Grey Relation Analysis of Process Parameters in a CI Engine using Various Bio Diesel Blends

Debnath, Rabisankar ; Singh, Ram ; Sastry, G R K; Rai, R N 44-48

Microbiology and Biotechnology

In-Vitro Evaluation of Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Microbial Properties of Ethanolic Extract of Cydonia Oblonga Seeds

Shaida, Bushra ; Singh, N B; Singh, Karuna 49-52

Anti-proliferate Activity and 5α-reductase Inhibitors of Chiral Macrocyclic (Nα-di-nicotinoyl)[L-phenylalaninyl-L-leucinyl]Pentapeptide Candidates Against LNCaP and PC-3 Prostate Cancer Cell Lines

Alanazi, M M; Amr, M A E; Naglah, A M; Mageid, R E Abdel; Elsayed, E A 60-65


Anticancer Potentials of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles against Liver and Breast Cancer Cell Lines

Elsayed, E A; Moussa, S A; El-Enshasy, H A; Wadaan, M A 56-59

Rural Development Technology

Grade Classification for Water Chestnuts, their Dimensional Properties and Correlation Analysis

Beigh, Mushtaq Ahmed; Hussain, Syed Zameer; Naseer, Bazila ; Rouf, Abdul ; Wani, Faheem 66-70

Chemical Technology

Antimicrobial Activities of some Synthesized Cyclo (Nα-dinicotinoyl) [L-phenylalanyl-L-leucine] Pentapeptide Candidates

Amr, A E; Abdel-Megeid, R E; Abd Elwahab, A A; Flefel, E M; Elsayed, E A 71-76

Energy Technology & Management

Assessment of Biomass Potential in Engine Emission Reduction

Saraswat, Manish ; Chauhan, Nathi Ram; Sharma, Vijay Kumar; Shukla, R K; Sharma, Kamal 77-80

Effect of TBHQ on the Combustion Characteristics of Pomelo oil Biodiesel in a Compression Ignition Engine

Saikia, Madhurjya ; Bora, Dilip Kumar; Kalita, Kalyan 81-83

Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research