Vol 79, No 10 (20)

Table of Contents

Chemical Technology

Pervaporation of Ethanol/Water Mixtures by Polyethylene based Fly Ash Composite Membranes

Kumar, Pawan ; Singh, Rajvikram ; Dixit, Shobhit ; Yadav, Vijay Laxmi 873-877

Computer Science & Information Technology

Hybridization of ALO and GOA for Combined Economic Emission Dispatch

Sita, Hareesh ; Reddy, P Umapathi; Kiranmayi, R ; Chaithanya, S 894-897

A Novel Rate Improvement Technique of Power Domain NOMA in Wireless 5G

Murali, K ; Perumal, S Siva 902-904

Reliability Integrated Intrusion Detection System for Isolating Black Hole Attack in MANET

Gopinath, S ; Natraj, N A; Bhanu, D ; Sureshkumar, N 905-908
Bidirectional Transmission in TWDM Optical Access Network with Tunable Wavelength ONU PDF
Singhal, Ankur ; Gupta, Amit ; Bakshi, Surbhi ; Singh, Harbinder 909-913

Solving Travelling Salesman Problem using Discreet Social Group Optimization

Verma, Sumit ; Jena, Junali Jasmine; Satapathy, Suresh Chandra; Rout, Minakhi 928-930

A Hybridized Forecasting Model for Metal Commodity Prices: An Empirical Model Evaluation

Parida, Nirjharinee ; Mishra, Debahuti ; Das, Kaberi ; Rout, Narendra Kumar; Panda, Ganapati 945-950

Electronics & Telecommunication

Effects of the Sensors Arrangement on the Efficiency of Multi-Transmitter and Multi-Receiver Passive Radar

Talari, Saeed Fooladi; Mohamedpour, Kamal 883-889

Design of Metal Insulator Metal based Square Ring Resonator Plasmonic Filter using Silica Slits for Dual Band Applications

Bitra, Surendra Kumar; M, Sridhar 890-893

A Circular Adaptive Median Filter for Salt and Pepper Noise Suppression from MRI Images

Sagar, Priya ; Upadhyaya, Ashruti ; Mishra, Sudhansu Kumar; Pandey, Rudra Narayan; Sahu, Sitanshu Sekhar; Panda, Ganapati 941-944

Energy Technology & Management

Role of Automation in Energy Management and Distribution

Saraswat, Manish ; Sharma, Kamal ; Chauhan, Nathi Ram; Shukla, R K 951-954

Management of Industry & Policy Implementation

Possible Use Case of the Multidisciplinary Approach of Art Collaboration

Hong, Jung-Ouk ; Kim, Hyung Gi 898-901

Maintenance Maturity Level Identification using MABAC Method: An Adaptation of TPM Pillars in a Public Service Sector

Alidrisi, Hisham 914-917

Cost Function Estimation Before and After Regulatory Reform: Evidence from Korea’s CPA Service Industry

Ryu, Sang-Lyul ; Sawng, Yeong-wha ; Won, Jayoun 918-925

An Empirical Analysis on Influence of Water Rights Business from China’s Experience

He, Junyi ; Wei-da, H E; Ping, L U 926-927

Public Aids Evaluation: Empirical Evidence for Spanish Industrial Companies

Ayala-Jiménez, Germán ; Torroba-Díaz, Macarena ; Fernández-Miguélez, Sergio M; Fernández-Gámez, Manuel A 931-934

Management of Stress, Pleasure, Suffering and Burnout at Work

César Martins de Paiva, Kely ; António C Santos, José 935-940

Rural Development Technology

Dimensional and Physical Properties of Temperate Highland Rice Varieties

Naseer, Bazila ; Naik, H R; Hussain, S Z; Rather, A H; Bhat, Tashooq ; ., Beenish 878-882

Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research