Vol 80, No 6 (2021)

Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research

Table of Contents

Rural Development Technology

Pulsating Air Pollinator for Greenhouse Cultivation

KUMAR, ADARSH ; Mahadik, Akshay Sanjay; Kushwaha, H L; Bhowmik, Arpan ; Singh, Awani Kumar 477-485

Earth, Environment & Atmospheric sciences

Application of Continuous Electrocoagulation Process for Distillery Wastewater Treatment


Srivastava, Ashima ; Srivastava, Kirti ; Singh, Pratibha 486-490

Determination of EC50 of Cd and evaluation of growth and biochemical response of Palak plants (Beta vulgaris L.) to different Cd treatments.

Yadav, Garima ; Tiwari, Supriya 491-498

Electrical Engineering

A Comparative performance evaluation of a set of swarm intelligence based optimization algorithms for economic operation with FACTS devices in Power system

GUPTA, VIKASH KUMAR; Mishra, Sudhansu Kumar 499-507

Mechanical Engineering

Performance of hydrodynamic porous slider bearing using water based magnetic fluid as a lubricant: effect of slip and squeeze velocity PDF
patel, Dipak A.; Attri, Manisha J; Patel, Dilip B 508-512

Study of Abrasive Wear and Abrasion Heating of Mg and Al Matrix Composites Reinforced with B4C and Cr

SINGH, SAKSHI ; Chauhan, Nathi Ram 513-519

Computer Science & Information Technology

Enhanced TACIT Encryption and Decryption Algorithm for Secured Data Routing in 3-D Network-on-Chip based Interconnection of SoC for IoT Application
Jayshree; Seetharaman, Gopalakrishnan ; Pati, Debadatta 520-527

Perceived Consumer Discomfort of Online Video Advertising
:Analysis of Characteristics by Consumer Cluster

Shon, Minjung ; Lee, Daeho 528-536

An Optimized Approach for Feature Extraction in Multi-Relational Statistical Learning

Bakshi, Garima ; Shukla, Rati ; Yadav, Vikash ; Dahiya, Aman ; Anand, Rohit ; Sindhwani, Nidhi ; Singh, Harinder 537-542

Optimized Shannon and Fuzzy Entropy based Machine Learning Model for Brain MRI Image Segmentation

Satapathy, Suresh Chandra; Mishra, Pradipta Kumar; Rout, Minakhi 543-549

Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research