Vol 80, No 09 (2021)

Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research

Table of Contents

Rural Development Technology

Combined Effect of Disc Coulters and Operational Speeds on Soil Disturbance and Crop Residue Cutting under No-Tillage System in Soil Bin

Kumar, Neeraj ; Sawant, C P; Sharma, R K; Chhokar, R S; Tiwari, P S; Singh, Dushyant ; Roul, A K; Tripathi, S C; Gill, S C; Singh, G P 739-749

Waste Utilization & Management

Artificial Neural Network Modeling of Hot-air Drying Kinetics of Mango Kernel

Nayak, Parv ; Rayaguru, Kalpana ; Bal, Lalit M; Das, Sonali ; Dash, Sanjaya K 750-758

Microbiology and Biotechnology

Enhanced Degradation of C17 and C34 of Bonny Light Crude Oil by Enterobacter sp.

Nkanang, Abigail Johnny; Antai, Sylvester Peter; Asitok, Atim David 759-765

Mechanical Engineering

The Modular Nonoverlapping Grasp Workspaces and Dynamics for the Grippers using the Micro and Macro C-Manifold Design

Sahin, Haydar 766-776

Energy Technology & Management

Sizing Optimization and Techno-Economic Analysis of a Hybrid Renewable Energy System Using HOMER Pro Simulation

Kumar, Sonu ; Sethuraman, Chelliah Pillai; Gopi, Chandru 777-784

Dry Beneficiation of Coking Coal Fines using an Advanced Air Cyclone

Srikant, Satya Sai; Mahapatra, Rajendra Prasad; Rao, Raghupatruni Bhima 785-789

Science & Technology Management

Improved Model of Global Quality Infrastructure Index (GQII) for Inclusive National Growth

Rab, Shanay ; Yadav, Sanjay ; Haleem, Abid ; Jaiswal, S K; Aswal, D K 790-799

Management of Industry & Policy Implementation

A Mathematical and Heuristic Approach for Scheduling Repetitive Projects in a Bi-Objective Single Crew Model

Mathew, Jeeno ; Paul, Brijesh 800-808

Computer Science & Information Technology

A Hybrid Classification Approach for Intrusion Detection in IoT Network

Choudhary, Sarika ; Kesswani, Nishtha 809-816
Scene Text Extraction using Convolutional Neural Network with Amended MSER PDF
Yegnaraman, Aparna ; Valli, S 817-827

Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research