Vol 81, No 01 (2022)

Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research

Table of Contents

Rural Development Technology

Studies on Operational and Plant Parameters Affecting the Deposition of Charged and Uncharged Spray Droplets on Cabbage Plant Canopy

Jyoti, Bikram ; Mani, Indra ; Kumar, Adarsh ; Khura, Tapan Kumar; Sahoo, R N; Jha, G K; Shakil, N A; Parmar, Bhupendra Singh 05-12

Development and Laboratory Evaluation of Picker Wheel type Metering Mechanism for Tuberose and Gladiolus Corms

Anandakumar, T M; Singh, Trveni Prasad; Chandrashekar, R 13-20

Energy Technology & Management

New Mathematical Models of Thin Layer Solar Drying of Carrots

Karasu Asnaz, Melike Sultan 21-31

Effect of Vibration and Noise on Spark Ignition Engines of Methanol Fuel Blended with Gasoline

Erdiwansyah; Mahidin; Sani, M S M; Mamat, Rizalman ; Gani, Asri ; Munawir; Susmanto 32-38

Mechanical Engineering

Evaluation of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Al-Cu-TiO2-ZrO2 Composites

Podder, Debashis ; Chakraborty, Sujoy ; Mandal, Uttam Kumar 39-50

Application of CFD and ANN in Predicting the Flow Nature of Flue Gas in the Catalytic Converter

Sathyanarayanan, S ; Suresh, S ; Sridharan, M 51-59

Exergy Analysis of Recycled Cooling System in a Process: A Case Study

Cakir, Ali Kemal 60-68

Computer Science & Information Technology

Hybrid Energy Efficient Secured Attribute based ZRP Aiding Authentic Data Transmission

Spurthi, kollu ; Shankar, T N 69-75

Evaluation of Descriptive Exam Answer Scripts using Word Mover’s Distance

Murty, M Ramakrishna; Rao, B Tarakeswara; Anuradha, Y ; Hyma, J 76-83

Design Optimization of a 4-Poled 1500 rpm 25 kVA SG to Obtain the Desired Magnetic Flux Density Distributions by using RSM

Karaoglan, Aslan Deniz; Perin, Deniz 84-93

Self-Adaptive Learning and Cellular Automata based Mobile Crowdsensing

Anand, Saurabh ; Ram, Anant ; Mishra, Manas Kumar 94-102

Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research