Vol 81, No 03 (2022)

Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research

Table of Contents

Waste Utilization & Management

Development of Sustainable Thermo Acoustic Material from Residual Organic Wastes

Singh, Priyanka Priyadarsini; Nath, Ganeswar 215-225

Prioritization of Operational Risks in a Reverse Logistics Network for the Recovery of Waste Cooking Oil (WCO)

Insuasty-Reina, Jeniffer Guadalupe; Tascón-Rueda, Juan Alejandro; Osorio-Gómez, Juan Carlos 226-235

Rural Development Technology

Musk Rose (Rosa moschata) Grown at Middle Hill Climatic Conditions of the Western Himalayas: A Rich Source of Anti-Oxidants and Nutrients

Patade, Vikas Yadav; Guglani, Anchala ; Pandey, Hemant Kumar; Bala, Madhu 236-243

Sensor-based Automated Continuous Grader for Spherical Fruits

Selvan, Shilpa s; Edukondalu, L ; Kumar, A Ashok; Madhava, M 244-253

Development and Evaluation of Automated Slip and Draft Control System for Tractor

Roul, Ajay Kumar; Pandey, Himanshu Sekhar; Jyoti, Bikram ; Mandal, Sandip ; Parmar, Bhupendra Singh 254-261

Chemical Technology

Benzoic Acid Degradation by Highly Active Heterogeneous Fenton-like Process using Fe3+-Al2O3 Catalyst

Mohapatra, T ; Ghime, Damodhar ; Rohit, Mateti ; Ghosh, Prabir 262-268

Mechanical Engineering

Numerical Optimization of a Premixer for an Internal Combustion Engine using Producer Gas as a Fuel

Shah, Parth D.; Poonawala, Taha Y.; Modh, Hardik B.; Shah, Rupesh D.; Channiwala, Salim A. 269-275

Computer Science & Information Technology

DDoS Attack Detection Using Hybrid Machine Learning Based IDS Models

Sumathi, S ; Rajesh, R ; Karthikeyan, N 276-286

An Enhanced Approach for Segmentation of Liver from Computed Tomography Images

Rajamanickam, Prabakaran ; Darmanayagam, Shiloah Elizabeth; Sarangapany, Thamaraiselvam ; Raj, Sunil Retmin Raj Cyril 287-293

Experimental Evaluation of Indoor Localization Methods for Industrial IoT Environment

Barnwal, Rajesh P; Roy, Pulakesh ; Pal, Pratyush Kumar 294-307

Management of Industry & Policy Implementation

Geographical Distribution of the Industry in Ecuador: Concentration and Urbanization Factors

Torres-Gutiérrez, Tania Paola ; Correa-Quezada, Ronny ; Álvarez-García, José ; Del Río-Rama, María de la Cruz 308-318

Earth, Environment & Atmospheric sciences

Neural Network based Predictors for Evaporation Estimation at Jabalpur in Central India

Sivastava, Ajay K; Naidu, Diwakar ; Bhan, Manish ; Bal, Lalit Mohan 319-328

Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research