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IJBB Vol. 59 (6) [June 2022]

Table of Contents

Contents PDF

Minor Review

Phytochemistry and Pharmacology of Calotropis gigantea — An update PDF
Sharma, Meenakshi ; Kumar Delta, Anil ; Kaushik, Prashant 611-618


Identification of potential AChE inhibitors through combined machine-learning and structure-based design approaches PDF PDF PDF
Ganeshpurkar, Ankit ; Singh, Ravi ; Bhushan Singh, Ravi ; Kumar, Devendra ; Kumar, Ashok ; Kumar Singh, Sushil 619-631
Immunocytochemical evidence of histamine 1 and histamine 2 receptors on mice sperm PDF
Nor AzimahAhmad@Aziz, Nor ; Hashida Hashim, Noor ; Mohd Yusuf, Yusmin 632-639
Molecular docking and Antibacterial activities of Cobalt (II) complexes derived from precursors of Hydrazones PDF
Kothari, Richa ; Agrawal, Anurag ; Rai, Sanchita 640-652
Carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) and other surrogate inflammatory biomarkers in COVID-19 PDF
sharma, Anjali ; Maksane, Shalini ; Das, Jhuma ; Yadav, Dharamveer ; Tomo, Sojit ; Sharma, Rajeev ; Kumar, Sudhir ; Cheirmaraj, K ; Pai, Vidya ; Parab, Kalpana 667-674
In silico-based studies on phytochemicals from native Indian plants as potential inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2 PDF
Sharma, Apoorva 653-666
Tumor cell and microvessel densities during the growth of a brain tumor: A theoretical study PDF
Boruah, Dibyajyoti ; Sen, Arijit 675-686
Modified protocol to overcome in vitro recalcitrance of premature micro-shoots abscission by silver supplementation in Kinnow mandarin (Citrus nobilis L. × Citrus deliciosa T.) PDF
Murugan, Theivanai ; Prakash Awasthi, Om ; Kumar Singh, Sanjay ; Kumar Dubey, Anil ; Kumar, Kanika 687-695

Short Communication

Ginseng used for bone tissue scaffold PDF
Paul, Samrat ; Choudhury, Mahima ; Sen, Sohini ; Basak, Piyali 696-701

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