IJBB Vol. 60 (4) [April 2023]

Table of Contents

Minor Review

Current trends and advances of Quorum sensing inhibitors and their biotechnological applications PDF
Shamshad, Samer ; Rajagopal, Senthilkumar 255-280
Computer-Aided vaccine design for selected positive-sense single stranded RNA viruses PDF
Jeyaraj Pandian, Chitra ; Murugan N, Arul ; Rajendren, SM ; Jeyaraman, Jeyakanthan 281-296


Antioxidant mediated defensive potency of Caesalpinia bonducella nut on Acetaminophen-inebriated spleen and cardiotoxicity: Implications on oxidative stress and tissue morphology in an In vivo model PDF
Nithiyanandam, Sangeetha ; Jaisankar, Vaishnavi ; Parthasarathy, Manisha ; Katturajan, Ramkumar ; Evan Prince, Sabina 297-306
A study on variation in spatial voltage distribution pattern across tissue layers between non-excitable plant and excitable plant PDF
Roy, Shibsankar ; Bhattacharya, Barnini ; Bal, Bijay ; Ghosh, Kuntal 307-319
Binding interaction of laccases from Bacillus Subtilis after industrial dyes exposure: Molecular docking and molecular dynamics simulation studies PDF
Kumar, Anupam ; Mishra, Tushar ; Kulshreshtha, Akanksha 320-330
Sequential analysis of erythrocyte aggregation in P. falciparum malaria with and without ASAQ therapy by optical signal and image analysis PDF
Edison, Maombi ; JB, Jeeva ; Singh, Megha 331-338
Allosteric modulation on specific gene mutated Vitamin D receptor by essential PUFAs and its distinct molecular effects on type 2 diabetes mellitus PDF
Hari, Balaji ; T N, Shilpa ; S, Jubie ; B, Duraiswamy 339-351
Preliminary studies on microbial induced corrosion of ferrous materials (EN-8 and 411143 steels) in the presence of Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans PDF
Sarma, GVS ; Raju, GMJ ; Padmavathi, MV ; Babu, BK 352-357

Indian Journal of Biochemistry and Biophysics (IJBB)