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IJBB Vol.56(6) [December 2019] Cannabis as homeopathic medicine in extreme dilutions: Thermal analysis for their differentiation and action on a protein Abstract   PDF
Mondal, Priya , Sukul, Nirmal Chandra , Konar, Atheni , Sarkar, Tandra , Sohel, Md Amir , Sengupta, Asmita , Chakraborty, Indrani , Sukul, Anirban
IJBB Vol. 59 (5) [May 2022] Hibiscus tiliaceus mediated phytochemical reduction of zinc oxide nanoparticles and emonstration of their antibacterial, anticancer, and dye degradation capabilities Abstract   PDF
Viswanath Konduri, Vinay , Kumar Kalagatur, Naveen , Nagaraj, Anusuya , Rao Kalagadda, Venkateswara , Kiranmayi Mangamuri, Usha , Potla Durthi, Chandrasai , Poda, Sudhakar
IJBB Vol.56(1) [February 2019] In silico interaction of hesperidin with some immunomodulatory targets: A docking analysis Abstract   PDF
Ganeshpurkar, Aditya , Saluja, Ajay
IJBB Vol.57(5) [October 2020] In silico analysis of functional non-synonymous and intronic variants found in a polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) candidate gene: DENND1A Abstract   PDF
Moorthy, Janani Dakshina , Usha, Balasundaram
IJBB Vol.57(4) [August 2020] In silico analysis of κ-theraphotoxin-Cg2a from Chilobrachys guangxiensis Abstract   PDF
Zaheer, Zubin Abdul , Sankaranarayanan, Kavitha
IJBB Vol. 58 (3) [June 2021] In silico analysis on macroalgae metabolites against skin cancer protein, phylogenetic and statistical analysis Abstract   PDF
Mahesh, S , Kavi Priya, S , Prasanth, RM , Anantharaman, P
IJBB Vol.56(4) [August 2019] In silico and in vitro analysis of quorum quenching active phytochemicals from the ethanolic extract of medicinal plants against quorum sensing mediated virulence factors of Acinetobacter baumannii Abstract   PDF
Namasivayam, S Karthick Raja , Shankar, K Gowri , Vivek, JM , Nizar, Mohideen , Sudarsan, AV
IJBB Vol.56(6) [December 2019] In silico characterization of structural and functional impact of the deleterious SNPs on FSHR gene Abstract   PDF
Janani, Dakshina Moorthy , Poornima, Gopalakrishnan , Usha, Balasundaram
IJBB Vol. 59 (8) [August 2022] In silico interaction of Berberine with some immunomodulatory targets: A docking analysis Abstract   PDF
Ganeshpurkar, Aditya , Chaturvedi, Aman , Shrivastava, Abhishek , Dubey, Nazneen , Jain, Swati , Saxena, Nischal , Gupta, Pratik , Mujariya, Rajesh
IJBB Vol. 58 (5) [October 2021] In silico screening of some naturally occurring bioactive compounds predicts potential inhibitors against SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) protease Abstract   PDF
Kumar Mishra, Ashok , Gupta, Vimlesh , Prakash Tewari, Satya
IJBB Vol. 59 (6) [June 2022] In silico-based studies on phytochemicals from native Indian plants as potential inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2 Abstract   PDF
Sharma, Apoorva
IJBB Vol. 58 (3) [June 2021] In vitro and in silico studies on the biochemistry and anti-cancer activity of phytochemicals from Plumbago zeylanica Abstract   PDF
Jenifer, D Roselin , Malathy, BR , SS, Ariya
IJBB Vol. 59 (1) [January 2022] In vitro stability of various enzymes by proline from H2O2 mediated oxidative damage Abstract   PDF
Kumar Dalal, Vijay , K Biswal, Ajay , Patel, Dhawal , Subramanyam, Rajagopal , S Raghavendra, Agepati
IJBB Vol.57(5) [October 2020] In vitro toxicity of low-level green laser irradiation effects on human breast cancer cell lines Abstract   PDF
Habit, Husna Azdiyah Habita , Suardi, Nursakinah , Mahmud, Shahrom , Mydin, Rabiatul Basria SMN , Bakhori, Siti Khadijah Mohd
IJBB Vol. 59 (10) [October 2022] In vitro α-amylase and α-glucosidase inhibitory potential of Pleurotus ostreatus cv. Florida extract Abstract   PDF
Ganeshpushkar, Aditya , Agrawal, Deepak , Chourasia, Ayushi , Shrivastava, Abhishek , Dubey, Nazneen
IJBB Vol. 60 (1) [January 2023] Moringa oleifera seeds attenuate benzene-induced alterations in lipid peroxidation and antioxidant enzymes in liver and kidney tissues of Wistar rats Abstract   PDF
Rajkumar, R , Ilango, B , Vinothkumar, K , Savidha, R , Senthilkumar, S , Ezhilarasan, D , Sukumar, Ethirajan
IJBB Vol.57(2) [April 2020] Trianthema portulacastrum L.: Traditional medicine in healthcare and biology Abstract   PDF
Uttam, Das , Tanmay, Saha , Rita, Ghosh , Subir Kumar, Das
IJBB Vol. 59 (2) [February 2022] A bioinformatic approach to establish P38α MAPK inhibitory mechanism of selected natural products in psoriasis Abstract   PDF   PDF
Agrawal, Anurag , Awasthi, Rajendra , T Kulkarni, Giriraj , Lakshmayya
IJBB Vol. 59 (9) [September 2022] A bioinformatic approach towards designing a human papillomavirus vaccine based on L1 capsid protein sequence of HPV45 Abstract   PDF
Karimah, Nihayatul , Sulfianti, Asri , Nurhasanah, Astutiati
IJBB Vol. 60 (1) [January 2023] A comparative computational approach on the most deleterious missense variant in Connexin 43 protein and its potent inhibitor analysis Abstract   PDF
Katturajan, Ramkumar , Medha, Tamma , Karra, Sakshi , R, Vidya , Evan Prince, Sabina
IJBB Vol. 59 (2) [February 2022] A comparative study of free laccase and laccase immobilized in copper alginate Abstract   PDF
Sunkar, Swetha , G, Ranimol
IJBB Vol.57(1) [February 2020] A novel compound β-sitosterol-3-O-β-D-glucoside isolated from Azadirachta indica effectively induces apoptosis in leukemic cells by targeting G0/G1 populations Abstract   PDF
Sarkar, Swadesh , Pal, Amrita , Chouni, Anirban , Paul, Santanu
IJBB Vol.57(2) [April 2020] A Prospective study to evaluate the demographic variation of gender independent sequences in cell-free fetal DNA (cffDNA) concentration and to predict pregnancy outcomes by non-kit based economical method Abstract   PDF
Mriganka Mouli, Saha , Subir Kumar, Das , Madhumita, Mukhyopadhyay , Maitree, Bhattacharrya
IJBB Vol. 59 (9) [September 2022] A review on phyto-nanotechnology for therapy of alzheimer’s disease Abstract   PDF
R, Gayathri , SL, Manju
IJBB Vol. 59 (12) [December 2022] A review on synthesis of quantum dots and their biomedical applications Abstract   PDF
Pratap Singh, Madhur
IJBB Vol.57(1) [February 2020] A study on the inhibition of oxidative stress, inflammation and apoptosis by Terminalia arjuna against acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity in wistar albino rats Abstract   PDF
P Kannappan, Senthil Ganesh , Raghunath, Gunapriya , Sivanesan, Senthilkumar , Vijayaraghavan, Rajagopal , Swaminathan, Madhankumar
IJBB Vol. 60 (4) [April 2023] A study on variation in spatial voltage distribution pattern across tissue layers between non-excitable plant and excitable plant Abstract   PDF
Roy, Shibsankar , Bhattacharya, Barnini , Bal, Bijay , Ghosh, Kuntal
IJBB Vol. 59 (8) [August 2022] Achievements of agricultural biotechnology: An initiative to double the farmer’s income through cutting edge technology Abstract   PDF
Jayaswal, Deepanshu , Priyadarshini, Parichita , Tilgam, Jyotsana , Choudhury, Sharani , Yadav, VK , N Noonjingarakuzhi, Sreeshma , Kumar, Deepesh , Ranjan Prakash, Nitish , Kumar, Kuldeep
IJBB Vol.56(3) [June 2019] Acid and salt tolerance behavior of Rhizobium isolates and their effect on microbial diversity in the rhizosphere of redgram (Cajanus cajan L.) Abstract   PDF
Sethi, Debadatta , Mohanty, Santanu , Pattanayak, Sushanta Kumar
IJBB Vol.57(6) [December 2020] Acute effects of hydroxychloroquine prophylaxis for COVID-19 in health care professionals – An online survey Abstract   PDF
Dalai, Chanchal Kumar , Sarkar, Debina , Ghosh, Abhishek , Ahmed, Shah Newaz , Das, Subir Kumar , Roy, Suman Kumar , Mukhopadhyay, Keshab
IJBB Vol. 60 (1) [January 2023] ADMET, Pharmacokinetic and Docking properties of the fungal drug 2- (2, 4-difluorophenyl)-1, 3-bis (1, 2, 4-triazol-1-yl) propan-2-ol by using Quantum computational methods Abstract   PDF
Trilaksana, Herri , D, Thanmayalaxmi , A, Suvitha
IJBB Vol.57(4) [August 2020] Air quality during COVID-19 lockdown: Blessing in disguise Abstract   PDF
Ghosh, Shilpi , Ghosh, Shatabdi
IJBB Vol. 59 (11) [November 2022] Alleviate Examination Anxiety and conserve Mental Health of the Adolescent Students: the future of the nation Abstract   PDF
IJBB Vol. 60 (4) [April 2023] Allosteric modulation on specific gene mutated Vitamin D receptor by essential PUFAs and its distinct molecular effects on type 2 diabetes mellitus Abstract   PDF
Hari, Balaji , T N, Shilpa , S, Jubie , B, Duraiswamy
IJBB Vol. 58 (3) [June 2021] Altitudinal gradients influence the accumulation of pharmaceutically important phenolic compounds in the leaves of Lobelia nicotianifolia Roth. and regulates its antioxidant and anticancer property Abstract   PDF
D Mankar, Ganesh , B Gulave, Akshay , D Datkhile, Kailas , B Zimare, Saurabha
IJBB Vol. 58 (4) [August 2021] Ameliorating potentials of N-acetyl-l-cysteine against methoxychlor instigated modulation in structural characteristics of granulosa cells of caprine antral follicles Abstract   PDF
Bhardwaj, Jitender Kumar, Saraf, Priyanka
IJBB Vol.57(1) [February 2020] Announcement Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol.57(2) [April 2020] Announcement Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol.57(3) [June 2020] Announcement Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol.57(5) [October 2020] Announcement Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol.56(4) [August 2019] Announcement 1 Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol.56(1) [February 2019] Announcement 1 Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol.56(5) [October 2019] Announcement 1 Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol.56(6) [December 2019] Announcement 1 Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol. 58 (4) [August 2021] Announcement 1 Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol. 58 (6) [December 2021] Announcement 1 Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol. 59 (4) [April 2022] Announcement 1 Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol.56(4) [August 2019] Announcement 2 Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol.56(1) [February 2019] Announcement 2 Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol.56(5) [October 2019] Announcement 2 Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol.56(6) [December 2019] Announcement 2 Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol. 58 (4) [August 2021] Announcement 2 Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol. 58 (6) [December 2021] Announcement 2 Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol. 59 (4) [April 2022] Announcement 2 Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol.56(4) [August 2019] Announcement 3 Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol.56(6) [December 2019] Announcement 3 Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol. 59 (4) [April 2022] Announcement 3 Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol.56(6) [December 2019] Annual Author Index Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol.57(6) [December 2020] Annual Author Index Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol. 58 (6) [December 2021] Annual Author Index Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol. 59 (12) [December 2022] Annual Author Index Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol.56(6) [December 2019] Annual Subject Index Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol.57(6) [December 2020] Annual Subject Index Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol. 58 (6) [December 2021] Annual Subject Index Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol. 59 (12) [December 2022] Annual Subject Index Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol. 59 (2) [February 2022] Anti pathogenic studies of new mixed ligand metal chelates Abstract   PDF
Sanivarapu, AK , Babu, BK , Anil Kumar, B , Mohana Rao, K , Ravichandra, G , Swarnalatha, B
IJBB Vol. 59 (2) [February 2022] Anti-bacterial activity of neoandrographolide derivatives: In silico interaction with the bacterial target Abstract   PDF
Sharma, Venu , Sharma, Supriya , Mehra, Rukmankesh , K Kapoor, Kamal , K Dhar, Manoj , Kaul, Sanjana
IJBB Vol. 60 (1) [January 2023] Anticancer potential of Solanum lycopersicum L. extract in human lung epithelial cancer cells A549 Abstract   PDF
Sathelly, Krishnamurthy , Kumar Kalagatur, Naveen , Kiranmayi Mangamuri, Usha , Obul Reddy Puli, Chandra , Poda, Sudhakar
IJBB Vol. 59 (8) [August 2022] Antimicrobial and toxicity properties of crystalline potassium tetrachlorocuprate (II) dehydrate Abstract   PDF
Pavithra, M , Jessie Raj, MB
IJBB Vol.57(3) [June 2020] Antimicrobial study of Arjuna Terminalia loaded PLGA nanoparticle Abstract   PDF
Kumari, Vinod , Sangal, Adit
IJBB Vol. 58 (6) [December 2021] Antioxidant efficacy and cytotoxicity of ethanol extract of Clerodendrum infortunatum against different cell lines Abstract   PDF
Malsawmdawngliana, Zohmachhuana, Alex , Vabeiryureilai, M , Meitei Thangjam, Nurpen , Lalrinzuali, K , Senthil Kumar, N , Kumar, Awadhesh
IJBB Vol. 60 (4) [April 2023] Antioxidant mediated defensive potency of Caesalpinia bonducella nut on Acetaminophen-inebriated spleen and cardiotoxicity: Implications on oxidative stress and tissue morphology in an In vivo model Abstract   PDF
Nithiyanandam, Sangeetha , Jaisankar, Vaishnavi , Parthasarathy, Manisha , Katturajan, Ramkumar , Evan Prince, Sabina
IJBB Vol. 58 (6) [December 2021] Antioxidative potential and anticancer activity of Elaeagnus caudata (Schltdl) against Type-II human lung adenocarcinoma, A549 cells via caspase-mediated apoptotic cell death Abstract   PDF
Nghakliana, F , Lalmuansangi, C , Zosangzuali, Mary , Lalremruati, Marina , Zothansiama
IJBB Vol. 59 (10) [October 2022] Antioxidative potential of propolis on Staphylococcus aureus infected BALB/c mice: A biochemical study Abstract   PDF
RANA, ANITA , Neelima, Prof
IJBB Vol. 59 (10) [October 2022] Anti-proliferating effect of Ocimum sanctum and Centella asiatica plant extract on growth of human glioblastoma cells: An in vitro study Abstract   PDF
Biswas, Biplob kumar, H, Srinivas , Beg, Mirza Masroor, Samadhiya, Amit , Jamatia, Elvia
IJBB Vol.57(1) [February 2020] Apoptotic efficiency of capecitabine and 5-fluorouracil on human cancer cells through TRPV1 channels Abstract   PDF
Suat Övey, İshak , Güler, Yılmaz
IJBB Vol. 59 (2) [February 2022] Application of Syzygium aromaticum, Ocimum sanctum, and Cananga odorata essential oils for management of Ochratoxin A content by Aspergillus ochraceus and Penicillium verrucosum: An in vitro assessment in maize grains Abstract   PDF
Mallikarjuna Dixit, Narayan , Kumar Kalagatur, Naveen , Poda, Sudhakar , Kadirvelu, Krishna , Behara, Mohan , Kiranmayi Mangamuri, Usha
IJBB Vol.57(2) [April 2020] Application of machine learning tools for evaluating the impact of premenopausal hysterectomy on serum anti-mullerian hormone levels Abstract   PDF
Boddupally, Sreenu , SV, Kameswari , Shaik Mohammad, Naushad , Vijay Kumar, Kutala
IJBB Vol.56(2) [April 2019] Application of multiple linear regression and machine learning algorithms to elucidate the association of poor glycemic control and hyperhomocysteinemia with microalbuminuria Abstract   PDF
Mohan, Iyyapu Krishna , Sreedevi, NN , Baba, KSS Sai , Bhaskar, M Vijaya , Hussain, Tajamul , Alrokayan, Salman A , Naushad, Shaik Mohammad
IJBB Vol.57(5) [October 2020] Application of reverse vaccinology for the identification of epitope candidates from Rickettsia rickettsii Abstract   PDF
K, Dzul-Rosado , J, Arias-León , C, Lugo-Caballero , G, Peniche-Lara , B, Balam-Romero , M, Rosado-Vallado
IJBB Vol. 58 (4) [August 2021] Applications of electron microscopy in Drosophila neurobiology research Abstract   PDF
Tandon, Shweta , Aggarwal, Prerna , Sarkar, Surajit
IJBB Vol.56(1) [February 2019] Applications of serum amino acid levels in identification of cancer Abstract   PDF
Li, Yankun , Ma, Xinpeng , Huang, Kenan , Bai, Zhichao
IJBB Vol. 59 (10) [October 2022] Assessment of cranberry bush on MCF-7 human breast cancer cells Abstract   PDF
IJBB Vol.56(4) [August 2019] Assessment of peppermint, clove, cumin essential oils and silver nano particles on biochemical and shelf life of Citrus limon (L.) Abstract   PDF
Tavakoli, Shima Alah , Mirzaei, Saeid , Rahimi, Mehdi , Tavassolian, Iraj
IJBB Vol. 59 (3) [March 2022] Assessment of soil biochemical properties and soil quality index under rainfed land use systems in submontane Punjab, India Abstract   PDF
Maini, Asima , Sharma, Vivek , Sharma, Sandeep
IJBB Vol. 58 (1) [February 2021] Assessment of Thiol/Disulphide Homeostasis in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis Abstract   PDF
Devrimsel, Gul , Arpa, Medeni , Beyazal, Munevver Serdaroglu , Erel, Ozcan
IJBB Vol. 60 (1) [January 2023] Assessment of YME1L and mitofusin2 as a possible diagnostic and/or therapeutic target in hepatocellular carcinoma Abstract   PDF
Mohie Abdel-Hamid, Nabil , Abass, Shimaa Ali, Eldomany, Ramadan , zakaria, sherin
IJBB Vol. 60 (3) [March 2023] Association between the organic cation transporter 3 methylation and hepatocellular carcinoma Abstract   PDF
Heidari, Zahra , Asemi-Rad, Azam , Moudi, Bita , Mahmoudzadeh-Sagheb, Hamidreza
IJBB Vol. 58 (1) [February 2021] Association of SERPIND1 expression with grade, stage and presence of metastasis in breast cancer Abstract   PDF
Namini, Nazanin Mirmohseni , Abdollahi, Alireza , Movahedi, Monireh , Razavi, Amirnader Emami , Saghiri, Reza
IJBB Vol.57(2) [April 2020] Association of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (Val66Met) polymorphism with the risk of Parkinson’s disease and influence on clinical outcome Abstract   PDF
Syed Tazeem, Fathima , Fatima SD, Tasneem , Rukmini Mridula, Kandadai , Vijay Kumar, Kutala , Rupam, Borgohain
IJBB Vol. 59 (8) [August 2022] Association of bull semen protein estimates and SDS-PAGE profiles on semen freezability Abstract   PDF
Alyethodi, Rafeeque R , Singh Sirohi, Ajayvir , S, Karthik , Tyagi, S , Sharma, Ankur , Muniswamy, K , Kundu, A
IJBB Vol.57(4) [August 2020] Association of Lipid biomarkers with drinking patterns and severity in alcoholic liver disease - A hospital- based cross- sectional study Abstract   PDF
Anithasri, Anbalagan , ArulVijayaVani, Subramaniam , Gopinath, Poonguzhali , Varuni, Annamalai Kumarasamy
IJBB Vol.57(2) [April 2020] Association of SLC6A3 gene polymorphisms with the pharmacokinetics of Levodopa and clinical outcome in patients with Parkinson’s disease Abstract   PDF
Fatima SD, Tasneem , Syed Tazeem, Fathima , Boddupally, Sreenu , Rukmini Mridula, Kandadai , Rupam, Borgohain , Vijay Kumar, Kutala
IJBB Vol.57(2) [April 2020] Association of vitamin D receptor (VDR) gene polymorphism with blood lead levels in occupationally lead-exposed male battery workers in Delhi – National capital region, India Abstract   PDF
Himani, Raman, Kumar , Busi, Karunanand , Sudip Kumar, Datta
IJBB Vol.56(5) [October 2019] Binary immobilization: a newer approach for immobilizing lipase from a thermophilic sp. of Thermomyces lanuginosus Abstract   PDF
Gupta, Pritesh , Nipunta, Dutt, Kakoli , Saran, Saurabh , Saxena, Rajendra Kumar
IJBB Vol. 60 (4) [April 2023] Binding interaction of laccases from Bacillus Subtilis after industrial dyes exposure: Molecular docking and molecular dynamics simulation studies Abstract   PDF
Kumar, Anupam , Mishra, Tushar , Kulshreshtha, Akanksha
IJBB Vol. 59 (1) [January 2022] Biocatalytic and biological activities of Kigelia africana mediated silver monometallic and copper-silver bimetallic nanoparticles Abstract   PDF
Mohanlall, Viresh , Biyela, Buyani
IJBB Vol. 59 (1) [January 2022] Biochemical and microscopy evidence on adverse effects of nitroxidized human serum albumin Abstract   PDF
Tarannum, Akhlas , Arif, Zarina , Moinuddin, Alam, Khursheed , Ilm Chandel, Tajalli
IJBB Vol. 59 (7) [July 2022] Biochemical characterization with kinetic studies of melanogenic enzyme tyrosinase from white button mushroom, Agaricus bisporus Abstract   PDF
Kaur, Ravneet , Sharma, Shivani , Kaur, Satvir , Sodhi, HS
IJBB Vol. 58 (1) [February 2021] Biochemical composition of potato biowaste of popular North Indian cultivars Abstract   PDF
Yadav, VK , Jha, RK , Kaushik, P
IJBB Vol. 59 (5) [May 2022] Biochemical relationship between leiomyosarcoma and peroxiredoxin-6 expression level: Clinical implications Abstract   PDF
Herkiloglu, Dilsad , Gokce, Sefik , Işik Kaygusuz, Ecmel , Cevik, Ozge , Ahmad, Sarfraz
IJBB Vol.57(5) [October 2020] Biochemical variability of eggplant peel among Indian cultivars Abstract   PDF
Yadav, Vinod Kumar , Singh, R , Jha, Radha Krishana , Kaushik, Prashant
IJBB Vol. 58 (2) [April 2021] Bio-engineering and bio-design of new generation bioresorbable implants Abstract   PDF
GV, Jagadeesh , Setti, Srinivasu Gangi
IJBB Vol. 59 (4) [April 2022] Biofabricated nanoparticles: Their delivery and utility in Plutella xylostella management Abstract   PDF
Kapinder, Bhardwaj, Kriti , Singh, Savita , Tarkeshwar
IJBB Vol. 59 (12) [December 2022] Biofabrication and optimization of silver nanoparticles using Campsis sp. to explore their antimicrobial properties Abstract   PDF
Bhardwaj, Kriti , Sharma Jha, Bhavana , Kathpalia, Renu
IJBB Vol. 58 (4) [August 2021] Biofabrication of Silver Oxide Nanoparticles (SO-NP) by autolysate of Pseudomonas mendocina PM1, and assessment of its antimicrobial/antibiofilm potential Abstract   PDF
Chaurvedi, Venkatesh , Babele, Piyoosh Kumar, Singh, Prabhakar
IJBB Vol.57(6) [December 2020] Biomarker profile in pediatric inflammatory multisystem syndrome temporarily associated with SARS-CoV-2 (PIMS-TS)/multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C) Abstract   PDF
Basu, Surupa , Bhattacharyya, Arunaloke , Ray, Kshounish , Ghosh, Apurba
IJBB Vol.57(2) [April 2020] Biomarkers in Overactive Bladder Abstract   PDF
Manidip, Pal , Soma, Bandyopadhyay
IJBB Vol. 59 (7) [July 2022] Biomimetic of hydroxyapatite with Tridax procumbens leaf extract and investigation of antibiofilm potential in Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli Abstract   PDF
Nagaraj, Anusuya , Kalagatur, Naveen Kumar , Kadirvelu, Krishna , Shankar, Sushmitha , Mangamuri, Usha Kiranmayi , Sudhakar, P , Samiappan, Suja
IJBB Vol.56(2) [April 2019] Bioreduction of silver nanoparticles from aerial parts of Euphorbia hirta L. (EH-ET) and its potent anticancer activities against neuroblastoma cell lines Abstract   PDF
Selvam, P , Vijayakumar, T , Wadhwani, Ashish , Muthulakshmi, L
IJBB Vol. 60 (1) [January 2023] Blind docking of 4-Amino-7-Chloroquinoline analogs as potential dengue virus protease inhibitor using CB Dock a web server Abstract   PDF   PDF
B Ranade, Prasanna , N Navale, Dinesh , W Zote, Santosh , Kulal, Dnyaneshwar K , Wagh, Swapnil J
IJBB Vol. 59 (8) [August 2022] Blood diffusion to novel therapies: A quantitative analysis of scholarly output in Haemophilia from India Abstract   PDF
IJBB Vol. 59 (3) [March 2022] Blood formed elements of the women with uterine tumors as one of the criterion for assessment of severity of the pathology Abstract   PDF
Kotrikadze, Nanuli , Tuphinashvili, Tamar , Alibegashvili, Manana , Ramishvili, Liana , Nakashidze, Irina , Artmeladze, Mukhamed , Gordeziani, Manana , Zibzibadze, Maia , Khazaradze, Ana , Sepiashvili, Bela , Ahmad, Sarfraz
IJBB Vol. 58 (5) [October 2021] BMI and adipocytokine changes in COPD exacerbation and stable COPD Abstract   PDF
Cambay, Zafer , Ilhan, Nevin , Susam, Solmaz , Muz, Mehmet Hamdi
IJBB Vol. 59 (6) [June 2022] Carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) and other surrogate inflammatory biomarkers in COVID-19 Abstract   PDF
sharma, Anjali , Maksane, Shalini , Das, Jhuma , Yadav, Dharamveer , Tomo, Sojit , Sharma, Rajeev , Kumar, Sudhir , Cheirmaraj, K , Pai, Vidya , Parab, Kalpana
IJBB Vol.56(6) [December 2019] Changes of phenolic compounds in LebZIP2-overexpressing transgenic plants Abstract   PDF
Seong, Eun Soo , Lee, Jae Geun , Chung, Ill-Min , Yu, Chang Yeon
IJBB Vol.57(3) [June 2020] Characterization of Rhizobium sp (SAR-5) isolated from root nodule of Acacia mangium L. Abstract   PDF
Subudhi, Sachidananda , Sethi, Debadatta , Kumar Pattanayak, Sushanta
IJBB Vol.57(4) [August 2020] Characterization of immobilized α-amylase on functionalized graphene oxide surface Abstract   PDF
Han, Zhang , Shaofeng, Hua , Zhang, Lei , Yunchang, Fan , Fengzhe, Guo , Dongyue, Wei , Meijin, Zhang
IJBB Vol. 59 (2) [February 2022] Chemical denaturants induced folding unfolding pathway of the recombinant zebrafish dihydrofolate reductase Abstract   PDF
V Acharya, Vaishali , Kamra Verma, Anita , Chaudhuri (Chattopadhyay), Pratima
IJBB Vol.56(5) [October 2019] Cholesterol lowering and antioxidant potential of probiotic bacteria isolated from locally fermented milk product kalarei Abstract   PDF
Bhat, Bilqeesa , Habib, Bisma , Bhagat, Neha , Bajaj, Bijender Kumar
IJBB Vol.56(1) [February 2019] Cisplatin augments the anti-schistosomal effect of praziquantel in a schistosoma-infected cancer model Abstract   PDF
Salem, Mohamed Labib , Salama, Afrah , El-Gowily, Afnan Hamdy , Mansour, Mohammed A , El-Said, Mohammed Mahmud Ali
IJBB Vol.57(3) [June 2020] Clinico-Pathogenesis of COVID-19 in children Abstract   PDF
Pandit, Kaveri , Gupta, Shalu , Sharma, Ankita Goel
IJBB Vol.56(6) [December 2019] Cloning and sequencing of α-2u globulin of rat preputial gland to assess its longevity in the context of developing an effective rodent trap Abstract   PDF
Silambarasan, V , Gayathiri, S , Deepalakshmi, G , Shahitha Banu, M , Nithya, V , Archunan, G
IJBB Vol. 59 (3) [March 2022] Cloning and structural elucidation of a brassinosteroids biosynthetic gene (Atdwarf4) and genetic transformation of Indian mustard (Brassica juncea L.) Abstract   PDF
V Duong, Hay , Krishna Repalli, Sai , Gupta, Payal , Sreevathsa, Rohini , K Yadava, Devendra , Dash, Prasanta
IJBB Vol. 59 (10) [October 2022] Comparative P solubilizing efficiencies of five acid soil bacteria incubated with calcium, aluminium and iron phosphates Abstract   PDF
Pradhan, Madhusmita , Das, Rajeswri , Sahoo, Ranjan , Adak, Totan , Pradhan, Chinmay , Mohanty, Santanu
IJBB Vol. 59 (5) [May 2022] Comparative study of scientific articles on MMR vaccines published from India over the last few decades Abstract   PDF
Mazumdar, Moumita , M R, Raghul
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IJBB Vol. 58 (6) [December 2021] Efficient use of Ferrate(VI) in the remediation of aqueous solutions contaminated with potential micropollutants: Simultaneous removal of triclosan and amoxicillin Abstract   PDF
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IJBB Vol.56(3) [June 2019] Erratum Details   PDF
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Arun Waman, Ajit
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IJBB Vol.56(3) [June 2019] Evaluation of acetylcholinesterase and butyrylcholinesterase inhibitory activity of Huperzine-A; in silico and in vitro studies Abstract   PDF
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IJBB Vol. 58 (6) [December 2021] Fluorescent N-doped Carbon Dot-Copper and Silver Nanocomposite - An effective uric acid sensor Abstract   PDF
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IJBB Vol.56(3) [June 2019] Formation of long-lived reactive products in blood serum under heat treatment and low-intensity laser irradiation, their role in hydrogen peroxide generation and DNA damage Abstract   PDF
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IJBB Vol. 60 (2) [February 2023] Formulation and evaluation of Buccal mucoadhesive tablets of diclofenac sodium using 23 factorial designs Abstract   PDF
Tanya singh, Madhu , Raja Shekhar, Nunavath , Yerrakula, Goutham , Venkatachalam, Senthil
IJBB Vol. 58 (2) [April 2021] Formulation of anti-larval nanoemulsion: Impact of droplet size on larvicidal activity against malaria vectors in Chhattisgarh, India Abstract   PDF
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IJBB Vol.56(1) [February 2019] Free radicals and antioxidants in normal versus cancerous cells — An overview Abstract   PDF
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IJBB Vol.56(5) [October 2019] Future prospects of fermentation in unani based drugs Abstract   PDF
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IJBB Vol.56(6) [December 2019] Genome cloning and genetic diversity of Apple chlorotic leaf spot virus Abstract   PDF
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IJBB Vol.56(3) [June 2019] Ghrelin and Leptin increase voltage-gated Na+ and Ca2+ currents in the RIN-m5f insulin-producing cell line Abstract   PDF
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IJBB Vol. 59 (5) [May 2022] Global research trends of interleukin-6 in SARS-CoV-2 infection Abstract   PDF
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IJBB Vol. 59 (4) [April 2022] Green synthesis and characterization of iron oxide nanoparticles using Coriandrum sativum L. leaf extract Abstract   PDF
Singh, Kuldeep , Sethi Chopra, Dimple , Singh, Dhandeep , Singh, Nirmal
IJBB Vol.56(5) [October 2019] Green synthesis of acetohydroxamic acid by thermophilic amidase of Bacillus smithii IIIMB2907 Abstract   PDF
Singh, Rahul Vikram , Sharma, Hitesh , Gupta, Prasoon , Kumar, Amit , Babu, Vikash
IJBB Vol. 58 (1) [February 2021] Greener synthesis and characterization of cadmium-tellurium quantum dots using aqueous extract of waste orange peel Abstract   PDF
Mahalakhsmi, A , Baskar, G
IJBB Vol. 58 (2) [April 2021] Hierarchical gold nanostructures based sensor for sensitive and fast detection of cancer biomarker Abstract   PDF
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IJBB Vol.57(6) [December 2020] HIF-1α contributing to COVID-19 infections and poor prognosis in cancer patients – A hypothesis Abstract   PDF
Kaur, Rajandeep , Chauhan, Anshika , Pal, Arnab
IJBB Vol.57(4) [August 2020] High dilutions of two drugs induce changes in crystal water structure of lactose as revealed by thermogravimetry and differential scanning calorimetry Abstract   PDF
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IJBB Vol.56(6) [December 2019] High expression of nucleophosmin is closely related to the grade and invasion of colorectal cancer Abstract   PDF
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IJBB Vol. 58 (1) [February 2021] Host response to SARS-CoV-2: Insight from transcriptomic studies Abstract   PDF
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IJBB Vol. 59 (6) [June 2022] Immunocytochemical evidence of histamine 1 and histamine 2 receptors on mice sperm Abstract   PDF
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IJBB Vol. 58 (2) [April 2021] Isolation and identification of lignin degrading bacteria residing in mandeepkhol cave of Chhattisgarh: A RAPD Study Abstract   PDF
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IJBB Vol.56(6) [December 2019] List of Experts Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol.57(6) [December 2020] List of Experts Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol. 58 (6) [December 2021] List of Experts Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol. 59 (12) [December 2022] List of Experts Details   PDF
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IJBB Vol.57(5) [October 2020] MicroRNA-9-5p inhibits osteosarcoma cell promotion, metastasis and resistance to apoptosis via negatively targeting Grb2-associated binding protein 2 Abstract   PDF
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IJBB Vol. 58 (3) [June 2021] Microscopic imaging of bronchoalveolar fluids of COVID-19 positive intubated patients reveals the different level of SARS-CoV-2 infection on oral squamosal epithelial cells Abstract   PDF
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IJBB Vol. 58 (3) [June 2021] Microscopicimaging of bronchoalveolar fluids of COVID-19 positive intubated patients reveals the different level of SARS-CoV-2 infection on oral squamosal epithelial cells Abstract   PDF
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IJBB Vol.57(3) [June 2020] Mineralization changes substituted type B carbonate of PO43− ion in the bone minerals of an archaeological sample studied using fourier self deconvolution technique Abstract   PDF
Velraj, G , Karthikeyan, S , Chitra, A
IJBB Vol. 60 (3) [March 2023] miR-145-5p and miR-203a-5p overcome imatinib resistance in myelogenous leukemic cells through metabolic reprogramming Abstract   PDF   PDF
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IJBB Vol. 59 (6) [June 2022] Modified protocol to overcome in vitro recalcitrance of premature micro-shoots abscission by silver supplementation in Kinnow mandarin (Citrus nobilis L. × Citrus deliciosa T.) Abstract   PDF
Murugan, Theivanai , Prakash Awasthi, Om , Kumar Singh, Sanjay , Kumar Dubey, Anil , Kumar, Kanika
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IJBB Vol. 58 (2) [April 2021] Molecular docking and ADMET analysis of synthetic statins for HMG-CoA reductase inhibition activity Abstract   PDF
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IJBB Vol. 59 (1) [January 2022] Molecular docking studies of natural and synthetic compounds against human secretory PLA2 in therapeutic intervention of inflammatory diseases and analysis of their pharmacokinetic properties Abstract   PDF
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IJBB Vol.57(5) [October 2020] Molecular docking study to elucidate the anti-pruritic mechanism of selected natural ligands by desensitizing TRPV3 ion channel in Psoriasis: An in silico approach Abstract   PDF
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IJBB Vol.56(3) [June 2019] Molecular simulation and spectroscopic studies on the interaction between perfluorohexadecanoic acid and human serum albumin Abstract   PDF
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IJBB Vol. 58 (4) [August 2021] Morphology of adhesive surfaces in the sisorid catfish, Glyptothorax sinense sikkimensis Abstract   PDF
Das, Debasish , Chakraborti, Saurabh , Nag, Tapas C
IJBB Vol. 59 (11) [November 2022] Multi-level scoring approach to discover multi-targeting potency of medicinal plant phytochemicals against protein targets in SARS-CoV-2 and human ACE-2 receptor Abstract   PDF
N, Arul Murugan , J, Chitra , J, Jeyakanthan , SM, Rajendren
IJBB Vol. 59 (11) [November 2022] Municipal solid waste landfill leachate induced cytotoxicity in root tips of Vicia faba: Environmental Risk posed by non-engineered landfill Abstract   PDF
Gupta, Anshu , Gaharwar, Usha Singh, Verma, Akanksha , Rajamani, Paulraj
IJBB Vol. 58 (3) [June 2021] Mutational analysis of resveratrol-cleaving dioxygenase towards enhancement of vanillin synthesis Abstract   PDF
Dey, Pinki , Kumar, Pravin
IJBB Vol. 59 (10) [October 2022] NAD+ supplementation reverses the oxidative stress induced PARP1 signalling in D. discoideum Abstract   PDF
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IJBB Vol. 59 (12) [December 2022] Nanotechnology in Forensic Science: Extensive Applications and New Perspective Abstract   PDF
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IJBB Vol. 59 (4) [April 2022] Nano-therapeutic efficacy of green synthesized gold nanoparticles (gAuNPs) and its antibacterial efficacy Abstract   PDF
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IJBB Vol.56(2) [April 2019] Natural anti-phytopathogenic fungi compound phenol, 2, 4-bis (1, 1-dimethylethyl) from Pseudomonas fluorescens TL-1 Abstract   PDF
Ren, Jianguo , Wang, Junli , Karthikeyan, Sivakumaran , Liu, Hongmei , Cai, Jing
IJBB Vol. 60 (2) [February 2023] Network pharmacology and molecular docking study of the active ingredients in Saptasaram kashayam for the treatment of Polycystic ovary syndrome Abstract   PDF   PDF
Santh Rani, T , Premitha Rajya Lakshmi, P , Manga Devi, Ch
IJBB Vol. 58 (5) [October 2021] New insights of RA-V cyclopeptide as an autophagy inhibitor in human COLO 320DM cancer cell lines Abstract   PDF
Ravindra Wagh, Uttara , Rupachandra, S
IJBB Vol.56(1) [February 2019] Nitric oxide induced polarization of myometrium cells plasmalemma revealed by application of fluorescent dye 3,3′-dihexyloxacarbocyanine Abstract   PDF
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IJBB Vol. 60 (1) [January 2023] Novel primer designing and PCR-AFLP approach for an expeditious detection of coliforms in potable waters Abstract   PDF
Shanker, A Shiva , Kumar Pindi, Pavan
IJBB Vol.56(4) [August 2019] Oleuropein and oleic acid: A novel emerging dietary target for human chronic diseases Abstract   PDF
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IJBB Vol. 58 (5) [October 2021] Oral insulin delivery using artificial peptide Abstract   PDF
V Adikane, Harashavardhan
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IJBB Vol. 58 (4) [August 2021] Pharmaceutical acetylation can modulate the amyloidogenicity of human serum albumin Abstract   PDF
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IJBB Vol. 58 (2) [April 2021] Pharmacological evaluation for anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory potential of polymeric microparticles Abstract   PDF
Singh, Ritika , Prasad, Jhakeshwar , Satapathy, Trilochan , Jain, Parag , Singh, Shalini
IJBB Vol.56(6) [December 2019] Pharmacological studies of Zinc oxide Nanoparticles Abstract   PDF
Deekala, Veronica , Babu, Bonige Kishore , Rudraraju, Rameshraju
IJBB Vol.56(6) [December 2019] Pharmacological studies of zinc oxide nanoparticles Abstract   PDF
Deekala, Veronica , Babu, Bonige Kishore , Rudraraju, Rameshraju
IJBB Vol.57(3) [June 2020] Phenolic constituents, antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of methanolic extracts of some female cones of gymnosperm plant Abstract   PDF
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IJBB Vol.57(1) [February 2020] Phosphorylation of α-syntrophin is responsible for its subcellular localization and interaction with dystrophin in muscle cells Abstract   PDF
Kim, Min Jeong , Moon, Jae Yun , Kim, Hye Sun
IJBB Vol.56(2) [April 2019] Physicochemical studies of closed loop insulin delivery system based on intelligent carboxymethyl cellulose hydrogel Abstract   PDF
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IJBB Vol. 59 (7) [July 2022] Phytochemical evaluation and anti-psoriatic activity of the ethanolic extract of the leaves of Momordica charantia Abstract   PDF
Dwarampudi, L Priyanka , SP, Dhanabal , Farha, Sayyeda , Gade, Ramya , R, Shanmugam , R, Krishna Raj
IJBB Vol. 60 (2) [February 2023] Phytochemical evaluation and anti-psoriatic activity of the ethanolic extract of the leaves of Thespesia populnea Abstract   PDF
Farha, Sayyeda , K, Yamuna , Gade, Ramya , Priya M, Lahari , Dwarampudi, L Priyanka , SP, Dhanabal
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Yadav, VK , Kaushik, Prashant
IJBB Vol. 59 (6) [June 2022] Phytochemistry and Pharmacology of Calotropis gigantea — An update Abstract   PDF
Sharma, Meenakshi , Kumar Delta, Anil , Kaushik, Prashant
IJBB Vol. 59 (4) [April 2022] Phytonanotechnology: Recent applications and the role of Biocorona Abstract   PDF
Prakash, Satya , Rani Rajpal, Vijay , Deswal, Renu
IJBB Vol. 59 (2) [February 2022] Pneumoconiosis: Cumulative global research output Abstract   PDF
Anu, Rahman, M
IJBB Vol. 59 (5) [May 2022] Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS): Approach to traditional systems, natural and bio-chemical compounds for its management Abstract   PDF
Gade, Ramya , Dwarampudi, L Priyanka , V, Vijayanandhan , R, Shanmugam , Dharshini, S Priya , Raj R, Krishna
IJBB Vol. 59 (7) [July 2022] Post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant infection: A report of three cases in a single family Abstract   PDF
Jeyaraj Pandian, Chitra , Jeyaraman, Jeyakanthan , SM, Rajendren
IJBB Vol. 59 (9) [September 2022] Potential anticancer peptides design from the cysteine rich plant defensins: An in silico approach Abstract   PDF   PDF   PDF
Shafique, Mohd , Sarma, Siddhartha P
IJBB Vol.56(3) [June 2019] Potential antioxidative protein-pigment complex Spirulina platensis mediated food grade phycocyanin C -Extraction, purification, antioxidative activity and biocompatibility Abstract   PDF
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IJBB Vol.57(5) [October 2020] Potential removal of phenol using modified laterite adsorbent Abstract   PDF
Sarma, GVS , Rani, K Sudha , Chandra, K Sarath , Babu, Bonige Kishore , Ramesh, KV
IJBB Vol. 59 (1) [January 2022] Prediction of protein-protein interaction networks and druggable genes associated with parkinson’s disease Abstract   PDF   PDF
Varadharajan, Venkatramanan , Ganapathi, Sri Thatchayani , Kumar Mandal, Sanjeeb
IJBB Vol.56(5) [October 2019] Preface Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol.57(2) [April 2020] Preface Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol.57(6) [December 2020] Preface Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol. 58 (2) [April 2021] Preface Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol. 58 (4) [August 2021] Preface Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol. 58 (6) [December 2021] Preface Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol. 59 (4) [April 2022] Preface Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol. 59 (12) [December 2022] Preface Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol. 60 (2) [February 2023] Preface Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol. 60 (4) [April 2023] Preliminary studies on microbial induced corrosion of ferrous materials (EN-8 and 411143 steels) in the presence of Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans Abstract   PDF
Sarma, GVS , Raju, GMJ , Padmavathi, MV , Babu, BK
IJBB Vol. 58 (1) [February 2021] Preparation and Characterization of Silver Nanoparticle/Aloe Vera Incorporated PCL/PEO matrix for wound dressing application Abstract   PDF
S, Bagyaraj , Selvam, Arun Karthick , S, Gomathi , S, Sandini , R, Sowmiya , B, Devi , D, Vaithiyanathan
IJBB Vol. 59 (3) [March 2022] Prevention of progression of osteoarthritis knee. Is it possible? Abstract   PDF
Prabodh Kumar, D , Sarella, L , Srinivasrao, B , Bhaswanth, D
IJBB Vol.56(5) [October 2019] Production and characterization of biosurfactant from Halomonas sp. BRI3 Abstract   PDF
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IJBB Vol.56(5) [October 2019] Production of Bioflavour from Microbial Sources and its health benefits Abstract   PDF
Roy, Priyanka , Kumar, Vijay
IJBB Vol. 58 (3) [June 2021] Production of medium chain fatty acid rich single cell oil using whole de-oiled mustard meal from soil fungus Abstract   PDF
Dutta, Ruma , Maity, Manisha , Bhowal, Jayati
IJBB Vol. 59 (11) [November 2022] Progress and future challenges in gene vectors, gene therapy systems and gene expressions Abstract   PDF
Veeman, Dhinakaran , Dhamodharan, Duraisami , V, M Varsha Shree1 , L, Natrayan , B, Stalin , Ramaswamy, shanmugam , Jule, Leta Tesfaye , R, Krishnaraj
IJBB Vol.57(1) [February 2020] Protective effect of Trigonella foenum-graecum and Cinnamomum zeylanicum against diabetes induced oxidative DNA damage in rats Abstract   PDF
Sharma, Sapneh , Mishra, Vibhuti , Srivastava, Nalini
IJBB Vol. 59 (2) [February 2022] Protective effect of huperzine A on phenytoin induced cognition impairment: Behavioral and biochemical study Abstract   PDF
Upadhyay, Shagun , Ahmad, Yusra , Kohli, Seema
IJBB Vol.56(1) [February 2019] Protective potential of Moringa oleifera Lam. along with curcumin and piperine against beryllium-induced alterations in hepatorenal biochemistry and ultramorphology in rats Abstract   PDF
Agrawal, Narottam Das , Nirala, Satendra Kumar , Bhadauria, Monika , Srivastava, Sadhana , Shukla, Sangeeta
IJBB Vol.57(1) [February 2020] Protective role of nanoemulsion containing roman chamomile oil against mitomycin C-induced toxicity in Ehrlich ascites carcinoma bearing mice Abstract   PDF
Al-Otaibi, Waad A , Alkhatib, Mayson H , Wali, Abdulwahab Noor
IJBB Vol.56(6) [December 2019] Proteomic changes in response to lipin1 overexpression in 293T human renal epithelial cells Abstract   PDF
Wang, Jian , Lv, Xiaoguang , Sun, Jing , Peng, Min , Shi, Ping
IJBB Vol. 58 (5) [October 2021] Purification and characterization of an extracellular alkaline cold-adapted serine metalo-protease from the cold tolerant bacterium, Stenotrophomonas sp. BTR88 Abstract   PDF
Shahnavaz, Bahar , Nikbakhti, Reihaneh , Asoodeh, Ahmad
IJBB Vol.56(2) [April 2019] Purification, Characterization and Functional Analysis of a Serine Protease Inhibitor from the Pulps of Cicer arietinum L. (Chick Pea) Abstract   PDF
Karthik, Lakshminarayanan , Manohar, Radhakrishnan , Elamparithi, Kanal , Gunasekaran, Krishnasamy
IJBB Vol. 58 (5) [October 2021] Purified Extract of Costus pictus D. Don containing 25 kDa protein induces antidiabetic activity by down-regulating gsk3β gene expression in pancreatic cell lines in vitro Abstract   PDF
G, Nevin K, Gopalakrishnan C, Akhil , Benny A, Merina
IJBB Vol. 59 (8) [August 2022] Pyramiding and evaluation of segregating lines containing lectin and protease inhibitor genes for aphid resistance in Brassica juncea Abstract   PDF   PDF
Jayaswal, Deepanshu , Mainkar, Pawan , Kumar, Kuldeep , Agarwal, Yamini , Kalia, Vinay , Kansal, Rekha
IJBB Vol.57(4) [August 2020] Quantitative analysis of international collaboration on COVID-19: Indian perspective Abstract   PDF
Pathak, Manohar
IJBB Vol. 58 (2) [April 2021] Quorum quenching as a strategy for treating Methicillin Resistant S. aureus (MRSA) - Effect of ε-Polylysine, ethanolic extracts of guava leaves and mango seed kernel Abstract   PDF
Divyakolu, Sireesha , Chikkala, Rosy , Kamaraju, Saipriya , Sritharan, Venkataraman
IJBB Vol.57(1) [February 2020] Recovery of acerbic anaerobic digester for biogas production from pomegranate shells using organic loading approach Abstract   PDF
Chaudhari, Ambalal B , Jain, Kalpana , Suryawanshi, Pradeep
IJBB Vol. 59 (10) [October 2022] Relationship with Nephrotoxicity of Abemaciclib in Rats: Protective Effect of Curcumin Abstract   PDF
UÇAR, Bünyamin , HUYUT, Zübeyir , ALTINDAĞ, Fikret , Keleş, Ömer Faruk, YILDIZHAN, Kenan
IJBB Vol. 58 (6) [December 2021] Removal of emerging micropollutants from water using hybrid material precursor to natural sericite clay Abstract   PDF
Lalhmunsiama, R Pawar, Radheshyam , Chowdhury, Aniket , Zirlianngura, Mok Lee, Seung
IJBB Vol. 58 (1) [February 2021] Revealing genetic variation in mini core germplasm of urdbean (Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper) Abstract   PDF
Baisakh, B , Tripathy, Swapan K , Souframanien, Jagadeesan , Swain, Digbijaya , Tripathy, Preeti
IJBB Vol. 59 (12) [December 2022] Role of biologically synthesised nanoparticles in environmental pollution remediation Abstract   PDF
IJBB Vol. 60 (2) [February 2023] Role of herbs at the crossroads of metabolic syndrome and mental illness Abstract   PDF
Chakraborty, Sanjib , Bogadi, Subhasri , Pamu, Divya , Satyanarayana Reddy Karri, Veera Venkata , Booker, Anthony , Rolfe, Vivian , Mohankumar, Suresh
IJBB Vol. 59 (4) [April 2022] Role of nanomaterials in catalytic reduction of organic pollutants Abstract   PDF
Saxena, Megha , Jain, Khyati , Saxena, Reena
IJBB Vol. 59 (4) [April 2022] Roots of Pennisetum sp. possess the competence to generate nanoparticles of noble metals Abstract   PDF
Yamal, Gupta , Singh, Mani , Pardha-Saradhi, P , Rao, KS
IJBB Vol.57(6) [December 2020] SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 infection in pregnancy and its outcome in a rural tertiary care centre of West Bengal Abstract   PDF
Saha, Mriganka Mouli , Das, Subir Kumar , Sarkar, Nayan Chandra , Chaudhuri, Rahul , Gaikowad, Sagar , Shirsath, Sagar
IJBB Vol. 58 (6) [December 2021] Screening of antibacterial and cytotoxicity of the copper (II) complexes of N-donor chelating ligand Abstract   PDF
Bimolini Devi, A , Damayanti Devi, M , Surbala, Laishram
IJBB Vol.57(6) [December 2020] Selenium, a micronutrient can modulate viral diseases including COVID-19 Abstract   PDF
Kunwar, A , Priyadarsini, K Indira
IJBB Vol. 60 (4) [April 2023] Sequential analysis of erythrocyte aggregation in P. falciparum malaria with and without ASAQ therapy by optical signal and image analysis Abstract   PDF
Edison, Maombi , JB, Jeeva , Singh, Megha
IJBB Vol.56(6) [December 2019] Serum glutamine synthetase activity as biomarker for tuberculosis diagnosis and monitoring anti-tubercular drug therapy success Abstract   PDF
Kumar Chattopadhyay, Dipak
IJBB Vol.57(3) [June 2020] Sex and age-related changes in L-arginine metabolism in peripheral blood leukocytes in young caucasians with type 1 diabetes mellitus Abstract   PDF
Melkonyan, AM , Guevorkyan, AG , Alchujyan, N Kh , Hovhannisyan, MR , Movsesyan, NH , Hayrapetyan, HL , Kevorkian, GA , Aghajanova, YM
IJBB Vol. 58 (5) [October 2021] Silver nanoparticles loaded pyrrole based pesticidal metabolites (AgNps-PFM) nanoconjugate induced impact on the gut microbion and immune response against lepidopteron pest Spodoptera litura (Fab.) Abstract   PDF
Raja Namasivayam, S Karthick , Bharani, RS Arvind
IJBB Vol. 60 (1) [January 2023] Simultaneous detection of thirteen exons of dystrophin gene by optimized multiplex PCR assay to screen Duchenne/Becker muscular dystrophy Abstract   PDF
G Trivedi, Pooja , Gajera, Jaydeep , I Ghanchi, Fesal , M Sindhav, Gaurang
IJBB Vol. 60 (3) [March 2023] Some bis (3-(4-nitrophenyl)acrylamide derivatives: Synthesis, characterization, DFT, antioxidant, antimicrobial properties, molecular docking and molecular dynamics simulation studies Abstract   PDF   PDF
Çakmak, Şükriye , Erdoğan, Taner
IJBB Vol. 59 (3) [March 2022] SSR marker-based DNA fingerprinting of Sub1 introgressed lines in the background of traditional rice varieties of Assam India Abstract   PDF   PDF   PDF
Gautam, Ashish , Chetia, SK , Sharma, Vinay , Verma, Rahul K , Phukon, Munmi , Kalita, Monalisa , Modi, MK , Ahmed, T
IJBB Vol.57(5) [October 2020] Stable release of enhanced organic solvent tolerant amylase from Bacillus amyloliquefaciens AMY02 under sub-merged fermentation Abstract   PDF
Anbu, Periasamy , Gopinath, Subash CB , So, Jae-Seong , Jayanthi, S
IJBB Vol. 60 (3) [March 2023] STMS markers related to Ascochyta blight resistance in chickpea Abstract   PDF
Dogan, Ilhan , Ilker Ozyigit, Ibrahim , Enes Genc, Mustafa , Tabanli, Fatih , Mart, Durdane , Yorgancilar, Ozcan , Turkeri, Meltem , Atmaca, Evren , Yorgancilar, Aysel
IJBB Vol.57(3) [June 2020] Structural insights on Sucrose transport by Oryza sativa L. Sucrose/H+ Symporter1 (OsSUT1) through refined sequence - template alignment based structural modelling Abstract   PDF
Syamaladevi, Divya P , Biswal, Bhagyashree
IJBB Vol. 59 (5) [May 2022] Structure-function relationships among selected human coronaviruses Abstract   PDF   PDF   PDF
Jamir, Esther , Kiewhuo, Kikrusenuo , Priyadarsinee, Lipsa , Sarma, Himakshi , Nagamani, Selvaraman , Sastry, G Narahari
IJBB Vol. 58 (2) [April 2021] Study of microbial contribution in alkalinity generation during treatment of acid mine drainage by laboratory successive alkalinity producing system Abstract   PDF
Patel, MD
IJBB Vol. 60 (3) [March 2023] Supplementation of Madhuca longifolia Seed oil augments diclofenac-induced organ toxicities: A biochemical and histopathological approach Abstract   PDF   PDF
Simon Peter, Jerine , Nithiyanandam, Sangeetha , Katturajan, Ramkumar , Parthasarathy, Manisha , Namachivayam, Arunraj , Hiraganahalli Bhaskarmurthy, Deepak , R, Vidya , Evan Prince, Sabina
IJBB Vol. 58 (4) [August 2021] Surface modifications of biodegradable polymeric nanoparticles and their characterization by advanced electron microscopy techniques Abstract   PDF
Kulshrestha, Ritu , Singh, Amit , Kumar, Pawan , Mishra, AK , Dinda, AK
IJBB Vol. 59 (4) [April 2022] Sustained release of drug loaded nanofibers for wound dressing applications Abstract   PDF
Singh, Manvi , Chauhan, Deepika , Gill, Renu , Iqbal, Zeenat , Solanki, Partima
IJBB Vol.56(4) [August 2019] Synthesis and antibacterial activity evaluation of aminoguanidine or dihydrotriazine derivatives Abstract   PDF
Bai, Xueqian , Zhao, Limin , Liu, Zhe , Li, Yan , Zhang, Tianyi , Liu, Xuekun
IJBB Vol.57(5) [October 2020] Synthesis, characterization, dft calculation, docking studies, antioxidant and anticancer activities of some 3-(2-alkylaminothiazol-5-oyl)pyridines Abstract   PDF
S, Mahil Rani, Rose, S Viola , Fen Reji, TF Abbs , Rose, S Viola , Fen Reji, TF Abbs
IJBB Vol. 59 (1) [January 2022] Synthesis, characterization, molecular docking and antibacterial activities of Bis-[(E)-3{2-(1-4-chlorophenyl) ethylidiene}hydrazinyl]-N-(4-methylphenyl)-3-oxopropanamideZinc (II) complex Abstract   PDF
Kothari, Richa , Agrawal, Anurag , Rai, Sanchita
IJBB Vol. 59 (12) [December 2022] Synthesis of iron nanoparticles, its characterization and anti-microbial activity assessment Abstract   PDF
Sawarn, Ayush , Singh, Priyanka , Dangi, Kapil , Yadav, Pooja , Kamra Verma, Anita
IJBB Vol. 59 (11) [November 2022] Synthesis of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles, its characterization and anti-microbial activity assessment Abstract   PDF
Verma, Anita Kamra, Singh, Priyanka , Malik, Mansi , Srivastava, Saurabh Kumar
IJBB Vol.57(5) [October 2020] Synthesis, Quantification, DFT Calculation and Molecular Docking of (4-amino-2-(4-methoxyphenyl)aminothiazol-5yl)(thiophene-2-yl)methanone Abstract   PDF
M, Fathima Shahana , A, Yardily
IJBB Vol. 59 (7) [July 2022] Synthesis, spectral characterization, anti-bacterial, cytotoxic evaluation and docking studies of new urea and thiourea derivatives Abstract   PDF
Ramaswamy, Shanmugam , Kongara, Deepak , Dwarampudi, L Priyanka , Gade, Ramya , R, Krishna Raj , R, Gayathri
IJBB Vol. 58 (6) [December 2021] Synthesis, spectroscopic studies and pesticidal activity of transition metal complexes with unsymmetrical schiff base Abstract   PDF
Singh, Shweta
IJBB Vol. 59 (3) [March 2022] Systematic review on nine hallmarks of neurodegenerative disease Abstract   PDF
Veeman, Dhinakaran , Dhamodharan, Duraisami , G J, Surendhar , Natrayan, L , B, Stalin , Ramaswamy, shanmugam , Tesfaye Jule, Leta , Krishnaraj, R
IJBB Vol. 58 (1) [February 2021] Targeting ROCK2 isoform with its widely used inhibitors for faster post-stroke recovery Abstract   PDF   PDF
Appunni, Sandeep , Gupta, Deepika , Rubens, Muni , Singh, Anjani Kumar , Swarup, Vishnu , Singh, Himanshu Narayan
IJBB Vol. 58 (1) [February 2021] Temporal changes in key developmental transcription factors in dopamine neurons during MPP+ induced injury and recovery in zebrafish brain Abstract   PDF   PDF
Tippabathani, Jayakrishna , Nellore, Jayshree
IJBB Vol.57(4) [August 2020] The damaging effect of consuming fermented Oryza sativa var. glutinosa on the pancreatic organ Abstract   PDF
Panjaitan, Ruqiah Ganda Putri , Rahmawati, Ika
IJBB Vol. 58 (3) [June 2021] The effect of bilirubin on Bad, Bak, and Bim pro-apoptotic factors: A molecular dynamic simulation study Abstract   PDF
Saffari-Chaleshtori, Javad , Mohammad Shafiee, Sayed , Heidarian, Esfandiar
IJBB Vol. 59 (2) [February 2022] The effect of L-theanine on the oxidant-antioxidant balance in serum and lung tissue in experimentally induced sepsis in rats Abstract   PDF
Malkoç, Meltem , Patan, Huriye , Özer Yaman, Serap , Türedi, Süleyman , Ersöz, Şafak , Vanizor Kural, Birgül , Örem, Asım
IJBB Vol. 59 (1) [January 2022] The interplay between oat beta glucan, gut microbiota and gut-liver axis in treatment of obesity associated non-alcoholic steatohepatitis and Type II diabetes mellitus Abstract   PDF
Ghalwash, Asmaa Abd El-mottaleb, A Baalash, Amal , K Gaafar, Nagah , E Wasfy, Rania , El-Din A Noeman, Saad
IJBB Vol.57(5) [October 2020] The pharmacological potential of catechin Abstract   PDF
Ganeshpurkar, Aditya , Saluja, Ajay
IJBB Vol.56(4) [August 2019] The pharmacological potential of hesperidin Abstract   PDF
Ganeshpurkar, Aditya , Saluja, Ajay
IJBB Vol. 58 (2) [April 2021] The quest for reusability: The facile and stable immobilization of papain on cysteine functionalized iron oxide nanoparticles activated glass surface Abstract   PDF
Chauhan, Shraddha , Upadhyay, Lata SheoBachan
IJBB Vol. 59 (9) [September 2022] The role of lipids and fatty acid metabolism in the development of prostate cancer Abstract   PDF
Kotrikadze, Nanuli , Alibegashvili, Manana , Ramishvili, Liana , Mikaia, Nino , Khazaradze, Ana , Sepiashvili, Bela , Nakashidze, Irina , Gordeziani, Manana , Ahmad, Sarfraz
IJBB Vol.57(5) [October 2020] Theoretical insight into the antioxidant, electronic and anticancer behaviour of simmondsin Abstract   PDF
Kiraz, Aslı Öztürk
IJBB Vol.57(2) [April 2020] Thiol stabilized copper nanoparticles exert antimicrobial properties by preventing cell division in Escherichia coli Abstract   PDF
Kumar N, Ganesh , Satya Deo, Pandey , Mallick, Sathi , Sudip Kumar, Ghosh , Panchanan, Pramanik , Anindya S, Ghosh
IJBB Vol.56(1) [February 2019] Three dimensional structure prediction and ligand-protein interaction study of expansin protein ATEXPA23 from Arabidopsis thaliana L. Abstract   PDF
Basu, Anamika , Sarkar, Anasua , Maulik, Ujjwal , Basak, Piyali
IJBB Vol. 59 (8) [August 2022] Total serum cholesterol level in patients with major depressive disorder: Simple yet undermined Abstract   PDF
TK, Madhura , Farheen, Fatima , Pandurangi, Aditya , Jaalam, Kamaruddin , M, Mahesh
IJBB Vol.57(1) [February 2020] Trace elements analysis of Biophytum sensitivum (L.) DC. by EDXRF spectroscopy and its therapeutic role to diabetes mellitus Abstract   PDF
Kumar, Santhosh S , Sudarshan, M , Chakraborty, A
IJBB Vol. 59 (6) [June 2022] Tumor cell and microvessel densities during the growth of a brain tumor: A theoretical study Abstract   PDF
Boruah, Dibyajyoti , Sen, Arijit
IJBB Vol.57(4) [August 2020] Ultrasonication mode for the expedition of extraction process of chitin from the maritime shrimp shell waste Abstract   PDF
Suryawanshi, Nisha , Ayothiraman, Seenivasan , Eswari, J Satya
IJBB Vol.56(6) [December 2019] Ultraviolet-c haematogenous oxidation therapy of lipopolysaccharide-induced endotoxemia in a rabbit model: A biochemical study Abstract   PDF
Osman Adam, Gareeballah , Kim, Gi-Beum , Lee, Sei-Jin , Lee, Heeryung , Kim, Shang-Jin , Kim, Jin-Shang , Kang, Hyung-Sub
IJBB Vol.57(5) [October 2020] Uremia toxin helps to induce inflammation in intestines by activating the ATM/NEMO/NF-kB signalling pathway in human intestinal epithelial cells Abstract   PDF
Zhang, Ruibin , Guo, Feng , Xue, Xia , Yang, Ruihong , Wang, Lihui
IJBB Vol. 59 (11) [November 2022] Utilization of fungal biocontrol agents against rice sheath blight disease provides insight into their role in plant defense responses Abstract   PDF
Bashyal, Bishnu Maya, Pandey, Shashi , Singh, Ayush Raj, S T, Prashantha , S, Gopalakrishnan , Singh, Dinesh , Kamil, Deeba , Aggarwal, Rashmi
IJBB Vol. 60 (3) [March 2023] Variation in morphological, biochemical and antioxidant properties of Lilium polyphyllum Abstract   PDF
Dhyani, Anurag , Prasad Nautiyal, Bhagwati , Yadav, VK , Chandra Nautiyal, Mohan
IJBB Vol. 59 (11) [November 2022] Veritable evaluation and inspection of PCOS and its apropos medicaments Abstract   PDF
PRIYADARSHANI, ANJALI , Madan, Vanshika , brahma, Labani , Jayaraj, Perumal
IJBB Vol. 59 (5) [May 2022] Versatility of berberine as an effective immunomodulator and chemo sensitizer against p53 mutant cell Abstract   PDF
Singh, Priyanka , Yadav, Monika , Niveria, Karishma , Kamra Verma, Anita
IJBB Vol. 58 (1) [February 2021] Water-deficit stress - Induced physio-biochemical changes in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) Cultivars Abstract   PDF
Singh, Chandrakant , BK, Rajkumar , Kumar, V
IJBB Vol.56(1) [February 2019] Waterlogging tolerance in black gram [Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper] is associated with chlorophyll content and membrane integrity Abstract   PDF
Bansal, Ruchi , Sharma, Shivani , Tripathi, Kuldeep , Kumar, Ashok , Gayacharan
IJBB Vol. 58 (5) [October 2021] Weather based rules for yellow mosaic disease prediction on soybean in Madhya Pradesh Abstract   PDF
Srivastava, AK , Marabi, RS , Bal, Lalit M , Yogranjan
IJBB Vol.57(1) [February 2020] Workshop Report Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol.57(3) [June 2020] Workshop Report Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol. 59 (1) [January 2022] Workshop Report Details   PDF
Prasanna, N K
IJBB Vol. 59 (12) [December 2022] ZnO quantum dots a novel nanomaterial for various applications: Recent advances and challenges Abstract   PDF
Kumar Verma, Awadhesh
IJBB Vol. 59 (5) [May 2022] ZnO: SnO2 nanocomposite efficacy for gas sensing and microbial applications Abstract   PDF
Arasavalli, Nagamalli , Rani Alli, Daisy , Babu, BK , Ravichandra, Gurrala , Mokshagni, K Sai
IJBB Vol. 60 (2) [February 2023] ‘TRAIL’ of targeted colorectal cancer therapy Abstract   PDF
Jain, Nishakumari , Parikshit, Parikshit , Ranjan Bhuyan, Nihar , Kuppusamy, Gowthamarajan
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