Studies on the removal of Brilliant Green dye using low cost agricultural waste

Pathak, Pranav Deepak; Gedam, Vidyadhar V.; Deokar, Sunil ; Bhagat, Sanjay ; Chahande, Anup ; Raut, Pranay


The potential use of Sugarcane Bagasse (SB) as environment friendly and low-cost industrial waste for the exclusion of brilliant green (BG) dye from wastewater has been studied. For this purpose, the batch adsorption process is applied to find adsorption kinetic and thermodynamic data. The second-order pseudo-kinetic model and Langmuir isotherm are found well suitable to explain the adsorption process of BG onto SB. The highest adsorption capacity analyzed using the Langmuir isotherm is 24.32 mg/g at 50°C. The Gibbs free energy (ΔG) values were observed to be negative at all functioning temperatures, validating that the BG is positive, shows the higher randomness at the adsorbent-adsorbate interface. In general, the study results propose that SB can be used as a low-cost and environment friendly agro-industrial waste material for effective removal of BG dye.


Sugarcane Bagasse; Brilliant Green; Adsorption; Langmuir; Kinetics

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