Vol 27, No 4 (2020)

Indian Journal of Chemical Technology

Table of Contents


Kinetics of aluminium leaching from coal fly ash by sulphuric acid PDF
PANDA, CHITTA RANJAN; Sangita, Seoul 263-273
Kinetics and equilibrium studies for methylene blue removal from simulated wastewater effluents using agricultural waste, Parthenium hysterophorus L. PDF
CHOPRA, INDU ; Singh, PK ; Singh, Shashi Bala 274-282
Removal of RR198 dye by TiO2/Fe3O4/persulfate nanoparticles under UV-LED irradiation and comparision of OFAT and CCD experimental design in RSM modelling PDF
rahimi, somayeh ; mohammadi, farzaneh ; yavari, zeynab ; Karimi, Hossein 283-293
Preparation and characterization of ceramic microfiltration membranes for removal of Cr (VI) and Pb from electroplating effluent PDF
Prajapati, Abhinesh Kumar 294-302
Nano silica particles loaded with CYANEX-921 for removal of iron(III) from phosphoric acid PDF
Ibrahim, Ahmed 303-310
Antimicrobial activity and corrosion inhibition property of Schiff bases derived from Imidazole PDF
Pandiarajan, Sivasubramanian 311-318
Sugarcane trash ash: A low cost adsorbent for atrazine and fipronil removal from water PDF
Singh, Neera 319-325
Evaluation of ethanolamide based nonionic biosurfactant materials from chemically modified castor oil and used palm oil waste PDF
Wahyuningsih, Tutik Dwi 326-332
Studies on the removal of Brilliant Green dye using low cost agricultural waste PDF
Pathak, Pranav Deepak; Gedam, Vidyadhar V.; Deokar, Sunil ; Bhagat, Sanjay ; Chahande, Anup ; Raut, Pranay 333-339
Production of amorphous silica and activated carbon from rice husk char obtained from two stage gasification process PDF
Chaurasia, Ashish Subhash 340-345

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