Process parameters study of sanitary landfill leachate treatment using photo-Fenton-like systems

YILDIZ, Sayiter


In this study, the effects of the combination of classical Fenton (CFP) and modified Fenton (MFP) processes with UV light on the treatment of sanitary landfill leachate have been investigated. Iron (Fe2+ and Fe0) dosage, hydrogen peroxide dosage, reaction time, pH and different UV lamps have been optimized to achieve high COD removal. In addition, zeroth, first and second order kinetic models are applied for all processes under optimum conditions. For CFP and MFP; optimum pH 3, reaction time 30 min, 4 g/kg TS Fe2+ and Fe0 and 5 g/kg TS H2O2 have been determined. The COD removal efficiency is determined as 48.86% for CFP and 59.27% for MFP under optimum conditions. COD removal efficiencies increased in photo Fenton application under UV light. The efficiency is found to increase under UVA light source from 48.86% to 49.17% and from 59.27% to 70.72% in in CFP and MFP, respectively. In the kinetic study, the highest R2 values are obtained in the CFP/UV process, while CFP and MFP are found to fit the 0th order kinetic model. In this study, it has been concluded that Fenton and photo Fenton applications are effective in reducing the COD values of landfill leachate.


Advanced oxidation process; Fenton; Landfill leachate; Photo-Fenton

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