Vol 30, No 2 (2023)

Indian Journal of Chemical Technology

Table of Contents


Cereal based traditional beverage of tella residue (attela) as a green organic pollutant sorbent for methylene blue dye removal: Equilibrium, kinetics and thermodynamic studies PDF
Yirga Abate, Gietu 151-164
Equilibrium, kinetic and thermodynamic study for the efficient removal of malachite green dye onto untreated Morus nigra L. (mulberry tree) leaves powder and its biochar PDF
Khan, Fairooz Ahmad; Farooqui, Mazahar 165-172
Study of the thermal behaviour of a derivative based on a zirconium agent (modified montmorillonite) and determination of the physical characteristics PDF
Lahouari, MRAH 173-179
A case study on expired drugs: The potential corrosion inhibitory activity of expired labetalol drug in 1M HCl for plain carbon steel PDF
Stability indicating HPLC method for the simultaneous analysis of Gatifloxacin and Loteprednol in eyedrop formulation using design of experiment approach PDF
Dewani, Anil Parmanand 187-197
Synthesis of high temperature resistant ZrO2-SiO2 composite aerogels via supercritical fluid deposition PDF
Wang, xiaoqing ; Li, chengyuan 198-204
Development of enhanced 3D flower like Gd doped NiO (GNO) based LPG gas sensor PDF
D, Sengottaiyan ; Pichumani, Moorthi 205-210
Process parameters study of sanitary landfill leachate treatment using photo-Fenton-like systems PDF
YILDIZ, Sayiter 211-216
Extraction, characterization and kinetics of ultrasonic assisted extraction of biooil from Annona squamosa seeds PDF
Gurunathan, Baskar 217-222
QbD-based optimization of guar gum suspension medium for optimum pourability and sedimentation volume PDF
Nagpal, Kalpana 223-230
Synthesis, DFT and antioxidant studies of 2-(alkylamino)-4-(naphth-2-yl) thiazole PDF
j, jenisha 231-236
Performance test of dual fuel engine using octagonal with algae biodiesel PDF
Sathasivam, Karthikeyan 237-241
Electrochemical oxidation of textile effluents and further treatment by coupled system electrooxidation using Prosopis cineraria PDF
Ojha, Poonam ; Shrivastava, Rupali ; Shrivastava, Rupali ; Shrivastava, Rupali ; Shrivastava, Rupali ; Shrivastava, Rupali ; Shrivastava, Rupali ; Shrivastava, Rupali ; Shrivastava, Rupali 242-246
Testing of n-butanol and eucalyptus essential oil as additivities of cottonseed biodiesel-diesel blends PDF
Mamedov, Ibrahim 247-251
Ultrasonication pretreatment of real-field pulping wastewater from bagasse-based paper mill PDF
Niju, S 252-255

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