Electrocatalytic performance of the cobalt oxide nanoparticles decorated graphene oxide over the detection of folic acid

Chen, Shen-Ming ; Gopal, Boopathy ; Murugan, Keerthi


Herein, we Design and synthesis of a composite material consisting of cobalt oxide anchored on graphene oxide (Co3O4@GO) as an electrode modifier, and their application to the detection of folic acid (FA) has been investigated. The integration of Co3O4 and GO is by hydrothermal assisted synthesis route. The morphology and crystalline structure of the Co3O4@GO has been well analyzed by XRD, XPS, FESEM, HR-TEM, and EDX analysis. The electrochemical test of the Co3O4@GO modified electrode shows an interesting electrochemical performance for the selective determination of FA with a broad concertation range of 0.1-4000 µM and a lower detection limit (LOD) of 0.024 µM. The enhancement in the catalytic activity of Co3O4@GO can be achieved by the synergistic effect of Co3O4and GO, high electron transportation, and unique spherical structure of Co3O4@GO. The newly developed Co3O4@GO sensor also displays excellent sensitivity of 47.23 µAµM−1 cm−2. Finally, this Co3O4@GO sensor is demonstrated for the detection of FA in the human urine sample with excellent recovery.


Cobalt oxide; Electrochemical detection; Folic acid; GO; Modified electrode

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