Vol 28, No 5 (2021)

Indian Journal of Chemical Technology

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Heterogeneous polymer supported and soluble tantalum metal complex catalysts for acylation reaction: A kinetic study PDF
Murugan, Eagambaram ; Arunachalam, P ; Jebaranjitham, J Nimita ; Santhoshkumar, S Santhoshkumar ; Saravanakumar, A Saravanakumar 495-505
Scavenging methyl orange dye from aqueous solution using an effective low-cost activated carbon prepared from delonix Regia seeds PDF
Ushanandhini, G ; Anbarasan, V ; Kalicharan, A Alvin ; Arivalagan, K 631-636
Application of polymer-bound Cu(II) complex of 2-phenylbenzimidazole towards oxidative bromination and oxidative esterification of organic substrates PDF
Gayathri, V ; Shilpa, E R 506-517
PANI blended MoS2 decorated GO ternary nanocomposite for efficient electrochemical sensing of crucial components in food and beverages PDF
Murugan, E ; Dhamodharan, A ; Saranya, S 518-527
Electrochemical determination of caffeine in beverage using graphene oxide modified glassy carbon electrode PDF
Murugan, E ; Poongan, A 528-536
4-(4-Aminophenoxy)benzene-1,3-diamine-based covalent cross-linked sulfonated polyimide as proton exchange membranes in fuel cell PDF
Kannan, Tharanikkarasu ; Dhra, Gulshan 537-546
Anti-oxidant activity of compounds and fractions of Manilkara hexandra (Roxb) bark PDF
Prince, A A M Prince ; Annamalai, T 547-555
Electrocatalytic performance of the cobalt oxide nanoparticles decorated graphene oxide over the detection of folic acid PDF
Chen, Shen-Ming ; Gopal, Boopathy ; Murugan, Keerthi 556-563
A simple and fluorescence turn-on recognition of Pb2+ ions involving pyrene-thiadiazole chemosensor probe PDF
Ramu, Andy ; Anbu Durai, Willsingh 564-571
Efficient sensing of resorcinol using onion peel derived carbon and barium titanate nanocomposite PDF
Murugan, E ; Saranya, S ; Janakiraman, K ; Caroline Titus, Greeshma 572-579
In vitro anti-oxidant and In-vitro anti-diabetic studies of silver, gold and copper nanoparticles synthesized using the flowers of Azhadirachta indica PDF
Gopalakrishnan, V ; Muniraj, S 580-586
Fabrication of palladium modified zinc oxide nanorods (Pd-ZnO NRs) for electrochemical detection of mebendazole PDF
Babu, Suresh ; Narayanan, V 587-594
Synthesis of g-carbon nitride-Ag3PO4 nanohybrid using Okra plant extract and their photocatalytic activity for the degradation of fluorescein and crystal violet dyes PDF
Kumar, M Dharmendira ; Padmanaban, R 595-603
Adsorption modelling studies for the removal of Rose Bengal dye from aqueous solutions using a natural adsorbent perlite PDF
Kumar M, Dharmendira Kumar M ; Padmanaban, R ; Kumar, M 604-611
Michael addition mediated domino cyclization of hydrazide embedded pyrazolyl derivatives: Biological and its molecular docking examinations PDF
Muniraj, Sarangapani ; Suresh, Ganesan 612-617
Identifying clinically significant novel drug candidate for highly prevalent Alzheimer's disease PDF
Shabeer, T K ; Ali L, Benazir ; Subramani, A ; Baskar, T 618-623
Synthesis and characterization of cadmium and zinc dithiocarbamate complexes derived from α-aminoacid L-proline PDF
Manivannan, S ; Kaviyarasi, P 624-630
Evaluation of bioceramic coated materials for orthopaedic applications PDF
Sridhar, T M ; Kala, K ; Ganeasan, M Sundara ; Balasubramani, V ; Sasikumar, R ; Kuppusamy, M R ; Veerabadran, K M ; Amala, K 637-644
Design and fabrication of hydrogel incorporated with copper nanoparticles loaded microsponge for antimicrobial and antioxidant activity PDF
Kothai, S ; Umamaheswari, R 645-648
Synthesis of indole based novel symmetrical nitroolefinic dendritic core through n-arylation route PDF
Sivakumar, M N ; Sathya, V ; Venkatesan, N ; Heera, T R 649-652

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