Vol 23, No 3 (2016)

Indian Journal of Chemical Technology

Table of Contents


Nonlinear approach to flow instability of the orifice-centerline liquid induced by bubble chain rising in shear-thinning fluids PDF
Fan, Wenyuan ; Yin, Xiaohong 179-186
Hydrothermal synthesis and enhanced sunlight photoactivity of Gd, N, and P tri-doped anatase-TiO2 by TiCl4 hydrolysis PDF
Jiang, Hongquan ; Gao, Mengdie ; Zang, Shuying ; Li, Jingshen ; Wang, Xuefeng 187-195
Electrochemical investigation of hydrazide derivative as corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in hydrochloric acid medium PDF
P, Preethi kumari; Shetty, Prakash ; Rao, Suma A 196-203
Efficient and eco-friendly adsorption using low-cost natural sorbents in waste water treatment PDF
Gaouar, Manel Yadi; Benyelles, Nassira gaouar; Benguella, Belkacem ; tizaoui, Khadidja 204-209
Development and application of RP-HPLC method for dissolution study of oral formulations containing amlodipine besylate PDF
Pawar, Harshal Ashok; Yadav, Akanksha 210-215
Production of biodiesel from rapeseed oil by porcine pancreatic mediated transesterification reaction in organic solvent PDF
Najafpour, Ghasem ; Kia-Kojouri, Mina Kia-Kojouri ; Rupani, Banin Rupani ; Mohammadpour, Meghdad Mohammadpour 216-220
Ultrasound assisted green synthesis of zinc oxide nanorods at room temperature PDF
Pinjari, Dipak V; Pandit, Aniruddha B; Mhaske, Shashank T 221-226
Synthesis and characterization of solid electrolyte structure material (LiAlO2) using different kinds of lithium and aluminum compounds for molten carbonate fuel cells PDF
ozkan, gülay ; ozkan, Goksel ; incirkuş, Vecihe 227-231
Influence of operational parameters on photomineralization of Evans blue by Ag-TiO2 composite PDF
Thakur, Pragati R 232-236
Flow regime identification in air-water two phase flows based on acoustic impedance PDF
S, Arunkumar ; J, Adhavan ; S, Arunaganesan ; Muniyandi, Venkatesan 240-243

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