Efficient and eco-friendly adsorption using low-cost natural sorbents in waste water treatment

Gaouar, Manel Yadi; Benyelles, Nassira gaouar; Benguella, Belkacem ; tizaoui, Khadidja


The removal efficiency of BOD5, COD and turbidity from wastewater using different sorbents to study their adsorption capacity has been studied. An eco-friendly technology in the wastewater treatment field with low cost has been promoted. Experiments have been performed by varying the operating parameters such as adsorbates, pH ranges and mixing contact time, the results obtained prove that the pH is very important in the retention process and removal efficiency wherein there is a broad variation among the pH ranges and that a good correlation coefficient R2 = 0.99 show reliability of pseudo second order in the adsorption kinetics of different parameters onto the different sorbents.


BOD5; COD; Turbidity; Adsorption; Low-cost sorbent; Waste water treatment

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